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Fir Needle (Siberian)

Fir Needle (Siberian)

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Steam distilled from Russia

A middle note of strong aroma, Fir Needle Essential Oil has the sharp crisp, clean scent of fir needles.

Blends Well With: Pine, Cedarwood, Benzoin, Lavender, Spruce and Rosemary.

Siberian fir has strong anti-inflammatory properties making it useful to assist with muscle pains, sprains, strains, bursitis, and other muscle and joint issues. Fir needle has also been shown to be effective in assisting with respiratory conditions such as congestion, colds. This essential oil may also help to stimulate the immune system and detoxify the body. help treat infections and stimulate the metabolism. It is also a popular essential oil for mens bath products.

Other Therapeutic Properties: anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, antispasmodic, deodorant, decongestant, rubefacient, as a warming oil it also increases blood circulation.


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