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Pure Essentials by LBH

Moisture Mist

Moisture Mist

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Moisture Mist is a light facial toner and hydrator.  Made with hydrating aloe juice, soothing chamomile, balancing rose water, moisture-locking neroli floral water, calming pro-vitamin B5, vitamin B3’s anti-aging and anti-inflammatory qualities, and the toning, soothing properties of Helichyrsum floral water. 


How to Use:

Shake and then mist onto clean face before applying serums or moisturizers. 

*Mists are a great way to ensure your skin gets the specific ingredients/components it needs and recognizes to support a particular problem. For example, redness, inflammation, acne, dryness etc  Your skin easily absorbs mists deep into its layers where it can do its work! 

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