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Cold Pressed From Brazil

This oil is a middle note with a smell similar to Orange but lighter and sweeter. It is a close relative to Mandarin and is closer in scent to it yet slightly more tangy.

Blends Well With : Basil, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Clove Bud, Frankincense, Lavender, Neroli, Nutmeg and Other Citrus Oils

Tangerine essential oil is known for it's anti-fungal and anti-septic properties.Which is why tangerine is used in the beauty care industry for scalp health and acne control. It has properties that help to restore the skin making it a good option for those looking to improve the appearance of stretch marks or scarring. Many will apply this oil topically to help with weight loss, metabolism and detoxification. When applying topically, do so in safe dilutions (1-3%) and avoid exposure to direct sunlight for 12 hours as citrus oils are photosensitive. This is a great oil to add to DIY cleaners. It has a calming yet invigorating effect making this a good oil to use in the morning.

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