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Pure Essentials by LBH

Release Roll On

Release Roll On

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Release Roll On:

Inhale deeply and release. Let all that does not serve you in this minute melt away. Look deeply into your heart and see the love that is your birthright. Allow yourself the time, and space to come back to yourself in a gentle and loving way.

Ingredients Release Roll On: Coconut MCT Oil, Pure Joy and Essential Oils of:

Cedarwood Atlas: this oil helps to mend a broken heart, it is grounding, healing and encourages self love and self commitment.

Rose: the flower of love, it also reminds us we are not alone and are always guided by the universe

Vanilla: soft, and sensuous. It also helps to slow the mind, and wraps us in a warm embrace..

This blend was co crafted with spirit to encourage self love, stillness, and letting go of what no longer serves our soul.

For external use only, avoid eyes, and avoid sun after applied.

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