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Pure Essentials by LBH



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Cold Pressed From Italy

Mandarin is a top note that is fresh, light and smells similar to orange.

Blends Well With: Other citrus oils as well as spice oils including clove and nutmeg.

Mandarin is a great essential oil for children as they find it very calming yet subtle. SIt has been used by many to calm tantrums. Mandarin essential oil is recognized in Ayruveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine as a generally safe oil that can be used to treat many ailments such as insomnia, nervous tension, stress, mental exhaustion, digestive problems and skin disorders like acne, eruptions and stretch marks. It also balances out your "Chi" or life force energy and is a great oil for any digestive issues such as improper digestion, overproduction of phlegm and/or abdominal distention. Other therapeutic properties include: antispasmodic, tonic, antiseptic, cicatrisant, digestive, diuretic, sedative, circulatory, cholagogue, depurative, hepatic, stomachic, nervous relaxant and cytophylactic properties.

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