Why We Love Farmer’s Market Season!

Jayleen Rennebergessential oils, natural living, self-development

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Farmer’s markets are where we got started! Three years in, we are still out on the streets all summer. We wouldn’t do it unless it meant something to us and it means so much more than making money. In February, we were humbled to receive an award from the Alberta Farmers Market Association. Having received the 2016 Make It Award really made us realize how thankful we are to Alberta markets, the people that run them and to all the people that attend. We’ve already started 124th Street Grand Market this 2017 season and Downtown Camrose and St. Albert kick off this week! This is what makes our farmers markets so amazing and fun…

  1. We get to share our passion with you. When you come into our booth, we pretty much talk your ear off! We started this business wanting to be educators, so as soon as someone asks a question, you’ll get a bit of an essay in response. We like to think it’s all useful information. Most of you know, that we never try to up sell you. We always try our best to make sure that your choosing what’s best for you and your health journey. That means, sometimes we end up offering dietary advice, leading you towards a health food store or telling you how to get started with meditation. Our passion is for all things health and all things natural. Our products allow us to meet you at markets, tell you about how natural products can help with not only your skin but also your health while finding the best essential oil for you and your family.
  2. We get to see your faces! After 3 years in business, we definitely have “Regulars” and we LOVE that. We often see the same names come through in our online orders and as exciting as that is, it’s so much better to see your smiles. Make sure when you come to the booth, you introduce yourself. We always remember your faces but sometimes have trouble remembering your names. You guys are the reason why we get to do what we do and keep doing what we do. We love it when you let us know what products you love and are always open to hearing what else you want us to make!
  3. We’re always in good company. In addition to our customers, we’ve met and made friends with so many other makers, bakers and growers. When you go to the farmers market, I’m sure you see it. All of us talking to each other, helping each other out, trading face cream for cashew cheese and just shooting the breeze. Being around the same vendors week after week, rain or shine, leads to some amazing and unlikely friendships that last through the winter months as well. We have a market community! The best part is that we all seem to have shared values and are there selling out of passion.
  4. We get to shop! Let’s face it, farmer’s markets are probably the best place to shop. You get to meet the people who raise the chickens for your eggs, grow the cucumbers for your pickles, make tasty macrons and make cool jewelry. Investing in these growers, makers, and bakers is so beneficial not only to the vendors themselves but to our local life. The local movement is huge right now and by showing up and buying what you can at markets, it allows the money to stay right here, in province.

I hope you’re just as pumped up as we are to get outside and shop local. This year we are at the 124th Street Grand Market, Downtown Camrose Market and St. Albert Farmers Market all through the summer. We’re gearing up for an even better year than last year so make sure you drop by to show your support!

Lots Of Love & Thankfulness
Jay And Rae