Why Float?

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The first time I heard about floatiques was from my yoga training instructor. She suffered a major concussion on a mountain and after massage, physio, chairo and acupuncture with no success she tried floating and it worked.

A few weeks ago I had my first opportunity to float. I went in with little expectation. Since first hearing about floats, I’ve heard stories about deep meditations, amazing stress release and a bit of detox happening during the 60min you spend floating in a salt water pod. The most appealing part of doing it was just that I was going to have 60 completely uninterrupted minutes and that to me was gold in itself.

Finding ways to manage your stress and relieve tension in your body is so important in our modern world where we are constantly stimulated by light & noise while leading super high paced lives. Even if you love your job (that’s me), are in an amazing relationship (that’s me too), have a great family (me again) and wouldn’t choose to be any place different in life, stress is there. I know that even taking 5 min of time to myself helps me be more chill and better at communicating which makes me and everyone around me more settled and happier. Floating for me was one of the best stress releases I’ve had.

My float tips:

  1. Wear the ear plugs. I chose not too because I wanted a natural experience. It was, but, I also ended up with water in my ears for about a week!
  2. Focus on your breath. I did. This lead me into an intense meditation during which I felt as though energy work was being done through my body as I received messages and images. I know, crazy. The meditation kicked in right away and probably only lasted about 20m. When it passed I was able to sit in silence and sway between a dream state and an awake state. It was glorious.
  3. Don’t plan on using your brain right after. After I got out, I had the most intense “float glow” going. The glow is similar to the glow after a super awesome yoga class with a long savasana. I felt rad. Trying to flip[ the switch and go back to business mode us tough, plus you don’t get to feel that glow carry with you until it naturally wears off.

Would I float again?


I could float everyday if my schedule allowed. That’s not very practical for most of us. I feel like most people would benefit huge from 1 float/week. That’s also pretty demanding on my schedule. Floating bi-weekly is what I’ll be aiming for. If I can’t do that, doing a float when my body is sore or after a super intense work week is a great way for my mind, joints and muscles to decompress.

Do you want to try? Check out Lily Pods Float Center in St. Albert. They were fantastic… and they just started wholesaling our stuff!

Peace & Love