Staying Grounded

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Energetically grounding against psychic attacks and emf's

A few weekends ago, as some of you might know, Rachel and I were part of The Health Shows in Calgary. We always have fun at shows looking around at the booths, meeting other vendors and being surrounded by like-minded, small business entrepreneurs. This show was totally awesome for that. Not only did we get a sweet deal on coconut oil, we also got a sweet deal on lotus pollen from the owner of Harmonic Arts and got to sample some crystal infused water. The highlight for both of us though was running into a booth that did Aura pictures and psychic readings. Of course, we had to get in on it and I’m so glad we did.

Part of the Aura picture showed how your different Chakra points are measuring. I was surprised to see that my Root Chakra was way out of whack. My message was that I need to work on grounding myself. Considering the Root Chakra has to do with basic needs, family and community, you’d think that this Chakra was in balance since I have a great home life, an awesome family and my basic needs are always met. Intuitively, I’ve known for years that my Root Chakra is one that I has always been out of whack. After I visually saw the imbalance on the photo, suddenly everything made sense.

So, my challenge over the last few weeks has been to get back in touch with things that allow me to ground myself. As I started to brainstorm ways to re-ground myself, I realized how many things I had let go of that were keeping me grounded! In the last 6 months I let a bunch of practices fall out of my regular routine and it’s had a huge impact on how connected I feel to not only myself but also to the earth. Here’s what I was doing 6 months ago.

-I used to actually sleep on a grounding sheet that has a wire from my window into the ground outside. It was chopped off by the lawn mower in August and was never fixed.

-I had an awesome meditation practice and lead meditations with each of my private yoga clients and classes 6-8 times a week.

-I slept with a selenite rod and crystals right by my bedside.

-I constantly was in bare feet in my yard and in the garden. I also wore leather moccasin shoes to keep in better contact with the ground.

-I spent WAY more time in nature.

Reflecting on this made me realize how hard it is to stay grounded in out winters. We are constantly in cars, wearing rubber shoes, talking or texting on our phones and not taking very many vacations (where most of us spend WAY more time in nature). For me, I realized there are two things that I need to be doing a lot more of.

  1. Meditating
  2. Using Crystals

So, I immediately got back into a daily mediation schedule and messaged Bailey from Tassels n’ Dreams to finally use my birthday money and splurge on some big crystals.

By making these 2 small changes, I have been feeling incredibly different. I feel very clear in my intention behind my actions. My actions and behaviors haven’t changes, I just clearly know why I’m doing them and this allows me to approach everything with a sense of calm. I’ve also been listening to my inner guide and it has given more self confidence in how I live and sharing it with others.  I have noticed an increase in energy. This is probably because I’ve been able to approach everything more calmly.  This has allowed me to relax and not waste energy on wondering how the world will respond to me but instead watching how the world does and moving forward from there.

I honestly can’t wait for this snow to melt so I can stick my barefoot in green grass, but until then, I am going to keep up my monthly meditations and touch my stones when I can.

Love and Light