The Truth About Self Care

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Is self care necessary

In the field of holistic health, there is a LOT of talk these days about self-care. We hear it everywhere and no one really knows what it means. Well, the truth is, everyone has their own definition of self- care. The point of self-care is to make sure that in this crazy, busy, stressful, overstimulating world we live in, we … Read More

4 Tricks To Feel Beautiful

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Jay and I frequently go on road trips for different shows across western Canada to spread the natural beauty love. We typically prefer to get to our destination the night before but every now and then we just aren’t able to. That usually leaves me slightly anxious and nervous about making it to where we need to go, set up … Read More

Mom Guilt

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Stop feeling guilty about choosing family

It seems like every new mom I’ve talked to in the last month has dropped the term “mom guilt” into conversation like it’s no big deal. It doesn’t end there. When I tell them about something that divides my attention, they throw “mom guilt” on me too. I tense up every time. I truly dislike the word “guilt”. It implies … Read More

What’s Your Worth?

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Last week I came across this beautiful picture on facebook. It was of a naked woman giving herself to a skeleton. The clip from the women captioned stating that this was symbolic of how women and all people give themselves freely to others who have nothing to offer back. How after time we all become bone, the life sucked from … Read More

Peace, Ease And Gentleness, How To Find Bliss

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Peaceful, At Ease and Gentle… I can get to this state quickly when I close my eyes to meditate. Meditation has always come pretty naturally for me.  But once I’m off the mat, things don’t come so naturally. I struggle to remain peaceful, at ease and gentle with myself, my kids and anyone else along the way. So what do these … Read More