Lifting Each Other Up


Complimenting people for a better life

When we were in Saskatoon 2 months ago for the Body, Soul & Spirit Expo, I decided to play a YouTube video as we were getting ready for day 2 of our show. The video, recommended by my cousin, was of a dude that conveys spiritual teachings that he has learned on his own life path. I can’t even remember … Read More

What No One Told Me About Raising Boys


natural motherhood

Being a parent is easily one of the most amazing, joyous, loving experiences in the world! When I first laid eyes on my oldest boy, I felt like I had known him my entire life. It was just like “Hey I remember you, glad to see you again! Just so you know I am going to protect you with a fierce bear … Read More

Peace, Love And Oneness

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namaste meaning

Peace, Love and Oneness are words we are hearing a lot right now in social media, depending on the type of friends you have and of course the person you are. This however happens to be a very desperate time in our world. Not just for the people of Paris but for us all. I read an interesting article tonight … Read More

A Shout Out To My Ex

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Greatfullness for your ex

Here is a little fact you may or may not know about me… I actually like my Ex! Not all my exes and trust me I have a few, but I really like my sons father! I would never have thought I would be one of those people that would be able to get along with their exes. My parents … Read More

Mom Guilt

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Stop feeling guilty about choosing family

It seems like every new mom I’ve talked to in the last month has dropped the term “mom guilt” into conversation like it’s no big deal. It doesn’t end there. When I tell them about something that divides my attention, they throw “mom guilt” on me too. I tense up every time. I truly dislike the word “guilt”. It implies … Read More

Creating Space

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Space for change

If you’ve been following my posts lately they have really been a lot about how you can have the life and love you want. The last few weeks for me have been about creating the space I need within my life to allow the good things to flow. I heard the term create space when I started practicing Hot yoga 3 years … Read More

Action, Action, Action


Action, Action, Action I have been hearing this word over and over again for the past few weeks.  But what does this mean? Webster’s online dictionary defines action as “a thing done, the accomplishment of a thing usually over a period of time, in stages, or with the possibility of repetition.” ( A thing done over time, in stages.. isn’t … Read More