Silver Linings

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looking on the bright side

I lost a baby in April of 2012. When I was 19 weeks pregnant, I went in for a regular mid-point ultrasound and the technician told us that there was something wrong. In the next 4 weeks we had more ultra-sounds, a fetal echo-cardiogram and a fetal MRI, we were told our baby had a huge whole in it’s diaphragm and … Read More

A Shout Out To My Ex

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Greatfullness for your ex

Here is a little fact you may or may not know about me… I actually like my Ex! Not all my exes and trust me I have a few, but I really like my sons father! I would never have thought I would be one of those people that would be able to get along with their exes. My parents … Read More

Creating Space

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Space for change

If you’ve been following my posts lately they have really been a lot about how you can have the life and love you want. The last few weeks for me have been about creating the space I need within my life to allow the good things to flow. I heard the term create space when I started practicing Hot yoga 3 years … Read More

10 Tips For Pure Powerful Living

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If you sampled 20 people an asked them what a healthy person does, they’d likely give you 20 different answers and all of them could be correct. Health is a complex, multi-faceted concept. To some it purely means “the absence of disease” and for others it means “living life at your fullest potential”. I side on the second description, even … Read More