Keeping Your Cool

Jayleen Rennebergessential oils, natural living, self-development

Staying calm in chaos

My last few weeks have been filled with tantrums, colds and moodiness. Of course, it’s also a busy time for our business making our house even more chaotic. The last 10 years of my life have been highly focused around health and spirituality. Through good nutrition, movement and reflection, my awareness of how and why I’m feeling the way I … Read More

Why Spa’s Use Lemongrass

Jayleen Rennebergessential oils, natural living, yoga

Lemongrass Essential Oil Benefits

Lift a bottle of lemongrass essential oil to your nose and give it a smell and chances are it’ll trigger a memory of a spa or a yoga studio. In the last 10 years, lemongrass has been a popular choice in North America in Spa’s and Yoga studios for good reason. Lemongrass is not just a tasty Asian spice or … Read More