Summer Skin

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Reverse Summer Skin Damage

We forget how high the UV index can be in Canada during the summer. You’d think in a place with almost 8 months of winter, our summers would be mild but that’s definitely NOT the case. The first week of July has been hot. I’m not complaining as I love the hot weather, but, when it’s hot like this with a high UV index, our skin can take quite the beating. UV radiation from sunlight can trigger free radical damage which can lead to premature aging, sun spots and more. Most people know that limiting your time in the sun, not being out during the hottest parts of the day and using sunscreen can help decrease sun damage caused by free radicals, but did you know there are many natural oils that have also been shown to help combat free radical damage and decrease signs of again? These are my favorite products to use to help with my dry, sun damaged skin and why they work…

Face Cream: I love using our serums in the winter but I feel like my face needs our creams in the summer. I find that the heat and dryness in combination with the sun just makes me feel like leather if I don’t. The base is the same containing sunflower seed oil and camellia seed oil which both are amazing at combating free radical damage and soothing the skin. Throw in our rose water infusion and essential oils in the night cream and these jars feel great on the face especially for sensitive skin. The day cream contains an spf as well so I like to keep it in my purse to re-apply just in case I end up in the sun for an extended period of time.

Body Oil: Our combination of pumpkin seed oil and sunflower seed oil is super quick to put on and highly absorbable. Often, I’ll use our tester on my arms when I’m at a market to get some extra hydration on in the hot dry weather (since I’m under the tent, I don’t need sunscreen but I still need hydration). The trace minerals including zinc from the pumpkin seed oil help to give the skin what it needs to repair while the sunflower gives it an extra boost against the sun. I love that it’s not greasy and it still gives me a soft glow too.

Rejuvenate Serum: We used to call this our anti-aging serum because the oils that we chose are all amazing at combating free radical damage which is usually what causes signs of aging. We use pomegranate, raspberry, camellia and pumpkin seed oil which are full of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. There are also properties that help with skin elasticity and cell regeneration. I like to use it as soon as I’m inside after full days in the sun and will sometimes replace it for my night cream.

Sweet Dreams Babassu Butter: Mango butter is quite high in antioxidants and is amazing for repairing skin damage caused by the sun. We use it in this body butter with babassu oil because of it’s lauric acid content which is amazing for skin health and pumpkin seed oil. Lavender and neroli essential oil in this butter to help soothe the skin making it calming for places that may have got a wee bit toasty in the sun… like my shoulders sometimes do. The oils are really hydrating and definitely help to soften my leather skin, especially around my elbows, knees and heals. 

Go out and enjoy your summer, use your sunscreen but also replenish that skin afterwards… in 10 years you’ll be so happy that you did!