Refreshing DIY Summer Blends

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Refreshing DIY oil blends

Summer time is full of hot days, long nights and road trips! In the winter, I enjoy blends that are warm, soothing and spicy but in the summer, I like blends that are uplifting, citrusy and refreshing! The combination of heat, lack of sleep and long hours on the highway can leave me feeling a little zapped of energy. Diffusing oils in my house and in the car help to give me the extra pep I need to stay alert and happy, even on rainy days.

Here are some of the mixtures I like to blend in my diffuser.




If you don’t have a fancy home diffuser or a car diffuser, here’s what you can do instead..

-Place a face cloth under warm/hot water. Wring it out and place it in a bowl near you. Place your drops of oil on the facecloth in a room where you are sitting. The warmth of the facecloth will help to diffuse the oils. The closer the bowl is to you, the stronger the smell will be.

-For a morning pick-me up, place just 1- 3 drops down the shower drain before your hot shower. The heat of the water will steam the oils throughout the whole bathroom.

-Buy some felt pads that usually go on the bottom of chairs. Place on on the air vents of your cars and drop the oils on there. When the fan kicks in, it’ll make the car smell amazing. Your car is pretty small so usually you only need one or 2 drops. That means, for these blends you would have to premix them in a smaller container. If you don’t want to bother with that, then just pick one oil to use at a time or try buying one of our blends.

*Remember: Most citrus oils are photosensitive, even in small dilutions. Unless you are or are working with a certified aromatherapist, never use citrus oils topically and go out into the sun. Where you have applied citrus oils diluted on the body, avoid sun exposure for 12 hrs.

If you love citrus oils and are just getting into blending, check out this older blog about easy citrus oil blends.