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Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy

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Steam Distilled From Morocco

A middle note with a medium aroma, Tansy Blue has a surprisingly sweet but bold scent that is pleasant to diffuse or use in DIY skincare.

Blends well with most essential oils, though particularly with Ravensara. A note of caution, this oil is very blue in pigmentation and will tint lotions

Blue Tansy has been used effectively in proper dilution for soothing skin conditions, especially those associated with fungus or bacteria.This essential oil reduces inflammation and can help calm the nervous and digestive systems. Blue Tansy essential oil may help to reduce symptoms associated with allergies and may help to reduce fevers when sick. This essential oil is poisonous to bugs making it a good bug repellent and is even effective against lice. Blue tansy has been shown to help balance hormones. This essential oil is an extremely calming oil and has been used for anxiety, depression, anger, epilepsy, hysteria and for general relaxation. Blue tansy has also been used to help healing of wounds

Therapeutic properties of Blue Tansy essential oil include: anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal .

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