Our Sacred oil was created with the intention to act as a smudge. Using palo santo essential oil and the power of hyssop, german chamomile and yarrow, this blend will help to clear negative energy and bridge connections with higher dimensions.

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Sacred Essential Oil Blend is an energetically clearing oil blend crafted with 100% pure essential oils. Sacred Oil blends assists in setting intentions therefore raising your vibration. This blend is grounding as a result you may be more clear on what you want.

Scent Profile

  • Fresh intense and woody
  • Camphorous and fruity undertones

Benefits of this Oil Blend

  • Anti Stress
  • clearing
  • grounding

How To Use The Diffuser Blend

Sacred Essential Oil blend is handcrafted in Canada. Our oils are all backed by GCMS testing therefore giving you confidence in the quality. As a result 100% Pure and Therapeutic grade essentials are our commitment to you.


Ingredients: Pure Joy And A Blend Of Essential Oils (Frankincense ( Boswellia serrata), Sage (Salvia officinalis) Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium)& Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens)