Pregnancy Kit


Pregnancy Oil:

Nourish your baby bump safely with this natural belly oil. Pure Essential’s Pregnancy Oil uses the natural power of sweet almond oil and a mixture of essential oils to give your skin the vitamins and minerals it needs for elasticity. Healthy skin is less prone to stretch marks and the essential oil’s we’ve chosen will also help. Use this oil on your perineal area in the last 4-6 weeks before your due date to help provide those same nutrients to your lady bits so they too can have as much elasticity as possible for when baby comes.

Labour Oil: Everyone knows that labour can be stressful, long and painful. Not many people know that essential oils can help ease the body through it. Pure Essential’s Labour Oil is a blend of essential oils including clary sage and rose, that can help keep mom relaxed through contractions, can naturally ease labour pain and can help facilitate more uniform contractions. We’ve diluted the blend in pumpkin seed oil so that you can rub it directly onto your stomach or back during labour or place a few drops into the tub. From personal experience, I would highly recommend this oil to every mom-to-be.

Post Pregnancy Spray: Keep your labour wounds clean with Pure Essential’s post-pregnancy spray. The coconut MCT oil and alcohol free with hazel in our proprietary essential oil blend will help to soothe broken skin and stitching while keeping the area clean. It’s super gentle, making it great for any area and has been used to sooth hemorrhoids and stitches from any operation. We highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to make padcicles however, please don’t freeze them, the fridge is cool enough for your delicate areas and always use organic cotton pads.

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Pregnancy Oil (120ml): Rub this all over your tummy, bosoms, hips and tush throughout pregnancy to deliver the proper vitamins your skin needs to stretch without marks. About 6 weeks before your due date, use this oil for perineal massage. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, any extra nutrients will help you stretch when baby decides it’s time to come.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Pure Joy And Essential Oils (*Frankincense, *Geranium, Helichrysum (jojoba) And Lavender)

*Denotes Organic

Labour Oil (5ml): Put a few drops in your tub, rub it on your tummy or massage onto your lower back to help to ease your contractions. The smell of this oil will also relax your mind, making it easier to handle the intensity of labour.
Ingredients: *Pumpkin Seed Oil, Pure Joy And Essential Oils (Clary Sage, Roman Chamomile, Jasmine (jojoba), Rose (jojoba) And Myrhh)
*Denotes Organic

Pregnancy Spray (110ml): For all the pretty things in pregnancy and beyond. Spray on perineal area to assist with post-birth healing. Pour a small amount onto a natural cotton pad and chill in the fridge. Apply like an ice pack post-birth. Use 3-5 sprays on toilet paper and wipe if experiencing hemorrhoids.

Ingredients: Alcohol Free With Hazel, Coconut MCT Oil, Pure Joy And Essential Oils (*Frankincense, Roman Chamomile (jojoba), Tea Tree, Myrhh, Helichrysum (jojoba) And Lavender)

*Denotes Organic