Our Goddess Blend helps to decrease lethargy, ease low grade nausea and improve mood.  This blend includes oils  clary sage, frankincense, grapefruit and cypress which all have a calming effect that beneficial for everyone, including those without pms.

Pure Essential’s Artisan Essential Oil Blends are created purposely and beautifully balanced. All of our blends are pure, making them diffuser safe and versatile for all other applications.

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Even though this oil was first created with pms symptoms in mind, this oil is great at helping to calm the body and stabilize your mood. Here are some benefits from oils within our goddess blend which has an earthy yet slightly fruity smell.

-Grapefruit can energize the body and uplift mood.

-Clary Sage can help with stress, anxiety and hormone health.

-Cypress has been shown to balance mood by relaxing the nervous system.

-Frankincense is calming, has natural painkilling properties and has been shown to balance out hormones.

Pure Essential Oil: Pure Joy and Essential Oils – Clary Sage, Grapefruit, Cypress & Frankincense.