Ravensara, thyme and palo santo, along with other oils give this blend an herbal and medicinal scent that helps to loosen chest congestion and mucous.

Pure Essential’s Artisan Essential Oil Blends are created purposely and beautifully balanced. All of our blends are pure, making them diffuser safe and versatile for all other applications.

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There are many essential oils that have the power to loosen mucous to assist the body in clearing it. We’ve blended some great oils together for your home diffuser for this purpose. These oils are quite strong so we recommend only diffusing the oil when using the blend for children under 9 and pregnant/lactating women. For children and adults over 9 a 3% dilution in a carrier oil can be applied to the chest.

Ingredients: Pure Joy And A Blend Of Essential Oils (Hyssop, Ravensara, Thyme, Caraway, Cajeput, Palo Santo, Fennel)