Cleansing Facial Oil


Using pure essential’s Cleansing Oil is an amazing way to wash and remove makeup without stripping your natural oils like soap does. The castor oil works to attract dirt and grime in your pores and gently pulls them to the surface.


Cleansing Facial Oil uses high quality oils that remove dirt and grime. Castor and Jojoba Oil have the ability to pull dirt from the skin therefore leaving it soft and clean. Grapeseed oil has the ability to tighten skin, moisturize and remove dark circles therefore reducing signs of aging.

How do you use it?:

Grab a face cloth, turn the tap on to hot and give your face a nice coat of oil. Rub the oil into your face in circular motions to take off make-up and cleanse the pores. Spend some time enjoying the massage. When you finish, place a steaming face cloth on your face, allow it to cool and then gently (no scrubbing) wipe the oil off your face. For deep cleansing, repeat this process (deep cleansing should not be done everyday). If your face feels a little dry after the oil is removed, take a tiny bit of oil and rub it into the face to re-hydrate the skin. Don’t leave your face looking greasy, instead rub it in until you have nice smooth, soft and glowing skin.

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil And a Blend of Essential Oils (Rose (jojoba), Tea Tree And Lavender)