Chakra Oil Blends


Pure Essential’s Chakra Essential Oil Blends are created purposely to balance out your Chakras. All of our blends are pure, making them diffuser safe and versatile for all other applications. Buy them individually, purchase all 7 or try our 7 chakra tester kit. 



The Chakra essential oil blends have been created to balance out the chakras and bring harmony to your life.

Root Chakra Oil uses deep notes of vetiver, earthy tones of juniper and the sweetness of ylang ylang and vanilla.

Sacral Chakra Oil is citrusy and sweet, blending bergamot, tangerine and orange with an herbal undertone of rosemary.

Solar Chakra Oil uses the fresh scent tof citrus with a gentle scent of fennel to ignite feelings of courage.

Heart oil uses oils of geranium, ylang ylang, cedarwood atlas and clary sage to create a heart-opening soft floral scent.

Our Throat Chakra Oil is quite fresh in it’s scent with an herbal undertone. Yarrow and juniper berry are great spiritual oils that will assist to open your throat chakra on your divine path. Cypress connects back to nature with a crisp woodsy smell.

 Third Eye blend uses frankincense and contrasts it with the sweet lemon myrtle giving it a sweetness that balances this chakra.

Crown Chakra oil is a blend of hyssop, calamus and german chamomile combined with softer oils to give it a crisp  sweet scent.

How to Use Chakra Essential Oil Blends: