Black Spruce


Black spruce has a very sweet and soft evergreen scent. For this reason, many prefer the smell of this oil to that of other evergreens. Black spruce has historically been used in saunas to help relieve sore tiered muscles and aid in the respiratory system. Black spruce has also been used to help with coughs and cold, to help combat lethargy and to assist in releasing both physical and energetic blockages. Black spruce can be a skin irritant and should always be applied diluted to the skin. It is recommended to avoid use during pregnancy.


History: Black Spruce Essential Oil has a long history of use in saunas, steam baths, and as an additive to baths and massage products in spas because it energizes the senses through its fresh and pleasant aroma.

Cautions: Black Spruce Essential Oil should be applied to the skin only in dilution as it has the potential to be a possible skin irritant. Avoid use during pregnancy.

Aromatic Scent: Spruce Black Essential Oil is one of Canada’s best kept secrets. It is sweeter, and softer than most evergreen oils with a balsamic, resinous odor with green woody notes. Overall, the scent is very clean, fresh and pleasant.

Black Spruce Blends Well With: Pine, Rosemary, Lavender, Cedarwood, Juniper, Benzoin And Vanilla