Product Profile: Aftershave Balm

Jayleen Rennebergbeauty care, essential oils, natural living

We originally formatted this product for my hunny. His facial hair is coarse and gets caught in every razor he uses leaving him with raised bumps, rashes and irritated skin. His solution for the last few years has been to never shave, just trim. Then Rachel’s man seemed to have the same problem with irritations and rashes because he HAS to shave everyday for work. So the boys put us to work to create this gem. And when I say gem, I mean it! This balm is now on our “must have” list for any guys out there who like to keep their face smooth but it’s also made it onto our list for the gals too…

This aftershave balm is loaded with amazing ingredients like…

Blue Tansy Essential Oil: The deep blue color of this oil means that it contains highly anti-inflammatory properties. It has been shown to be extremely calming on the skin and also aid in ingrown hairs.

Calendula Flowers: This flower has been infused into oils and balms for centuries to help with scrapes, cuts and wounds. It contains natural healing properties that can help too sooth irritations and promote healing on the skins surface.

Pomegranate Seed Oil: This highly esteemed beauty oil gets a great reputation because it has been shown to help with acne and signs of aging. It also contains many natural anti-inflammatory compounds making is an oil that can help with irritation and is suitable for the face. It’s also a great oil to use to help with scarring.
Argan Oil: Many people have heard of using argan to repair the hair but not many people know how great it is for the face too! Argan is a very light, highly absorbable oil that can help to restore moisture to the skin without leaving a residue or greasy feeling. Argan oil is also a popular oil to use on rashes because it’s naturally high in Vitamin E.
Arnica Flowers: We’ve chosen to infuse this balm with arnica because of it’s ability to help with skin dryness and acne. It’s also been used for centuries to help with itchy skin and skin conditions. Arnica can also help with sunburns making this aftershave a good choice for facial sunburns too!

So as a gal, what do I use it for? My number 1 use is for my bikini line especially right now in the summertime. In the winter time, I will use it as a heavier face cream, especially if I know I’m spending the day outside or if my face feels very dry. Throughout the year, I will use a little bit on my legs if our body oil just doesn’t seem to be cutting it on freshly shaven legs. And lastly, I’m trying it out on a few scars! I just has a beauty mark removed and the aftershave balm is a perfect fit for treating scarring on my face.

Even though this aftershave is part of our “men’s line”, I think it’s one of our most multipurpose items we carry. The ingredients are of the highest quality and the effectiveness matches that quality. It’s a great gift for your man that you can share too!

Let us know what you love about this balm!