Natural Aphrodisiacs


Natural Aphrodisiacs

I went to a mushroom workshop last week hosted by Yarrow Willard from Harmonic Arts and I got schooled on aphrodisiacs. Yarrow threw in a little aside about how an aphrodisiac work that completely shifted the way I thought about these agents that help us get in the mood to get in on. When we look it up, an aphrodisiac is simply a food, drug or drink that stimulates sexual desire or excitement. That’s a pretty open ended term. What I learned at my mushroom workshop was that aphrodisiacs are effective because they illicit change in our bodies that make us more present in the moment. They let us turn our “monkey mind” off and sink into our senses.

How do they do this? There are a few different ways drugs, foods, herbs, drinks, movement or even meditation can get us in the mood.

  1. Oxygenating our body
  2. Activating our “primitive” brain through scent
  3. Decreasing our stress by reducing cortisol or switching our brain waves from beta to alpha

These three mechanisms allow us to be more present and receptive to what’s true in us and around us increasing our passion for life itself.

There are tons of natural ways we can do this. Here are my top go to’s for getting in the mood and why they work.

  1. Dancing: Just think back to that time you were last dancing with a hottie. After a few salsa songs it’s nearly impossible to keep your hands to yourself. It works because you are oxygenating your body and focusing more on your movement than what is going on in your mind. Throw in a gin and watch out! Tip: Don’t salsa with someone who you have sexual tension with if you are in a committed relationship with someone else.
  2. Cordyceps: This is a mushroom that increases oxygenation of the blood. It’s known as an athlete’s mushroom as it has been shown in studies to increase athletic performance. Well, it can also increase another kind of performance as well! It’s not one you can find fresh at a grocery store but you can buy it as a tincture, in a powder or in capsule form from health food stores or online. I buy it in a mushroom blend and add it into my morning coffee.
  3. Ashwaghanda: This herb is an adaptogen meaning that when you consume it, it can balances out your hormones. Ashwaghanda is used extensively in ayruvedic medicine and prescribed regularly for stress. It’s most accessible in loose leaf form or powder form online or in health food stores. I like to add a scoop of it in powdered form to my smoothies.
  4. Essential Oils: The most popular aphrodisiac essential oils are florals. Neroli is sometimes diffuse through lingerie stores to get shoppers in the mood. Rose is an oil that has been used for romance dating back to the egyptians. Geranium and Ylang Ylang are other popular florals that put people in the mood. Personally, I like all of these and blending them together with some vanilla sweetens everything up. Try diffusing them in the bedroom and you may notice that your weekly “adult fun” count increases substantially. You can also make a spray by combining 1/2 oz of vodka with 1/2 cup of water and 50-60 drops of essential oil. Give it a shake and use it as a room spray or linen spray.
  5. Candle Lit Rose Petal Bath: I find candle lit bath’s super meditative. It helps to slow down my mind and reduce my stress. Adding in the rose petals activates my senses and also make me feel like a goddess or princess. The more confident I am, the more attractive I feel and the more I want to jump under the covers. Coming out of a tub super relaxed and in a towel also is a pretty nice visual for your partner. Chances are, they’ll want to rip the towel off of you before you can drop it yourself.

Have A Sexy Weekend!