My Number One Beauty Secret

Jayleen Rennebergbeauty care, essential oils, natural living, self-development

I know a lot of inside information when it comes to keeping your body looking youthful. I do agree that eating your greens and keeping your diet largely plant based can keep years off your life. Obviously, I believe in natural beauty care products. In my mind nature knows best. Flowers like calendula and rose have been used for centuries to improve the look of skin. Plant oils like pomegranate, raspberry and camellia seed are have a rich history in preventing signs of aging. But is there another secret that is totally accessible to everyone pretty much for free? There definitely is…


Yep, just getting out and playing can take years off your face! As adults, what play looks like can be quite different than for kids. That being said, even as adults, we still like to play like kids. There are a tone of obstacle course gyms and races cropping up all over north america allowing adults to climb and crawl and scale just like we used to as kids. Adult fun and competitive sports leagues are also getting bigger every year and are a great way to spend time with new and old friends. If you’re more “artistic”, there are all kind and levels of adult dance classes. Last Friday, I played with paint and it was fantastic! I signed up for a paint night with a few friends and we had a blast.

When we engage in play, our bodies get to relax and laugh and this can totally change our vibe. The more we play, the easier it is for our bodies to go into cellular repair mode making our skin look more youthful and radiant.

In addition to play, there are a few other things that will help you trick your colleagues into thinking you’re younger than you really are. Sleep plays a huge part in taking years off your life as does stress reduction. It’s not a surprise that these three things work in concert with one another. The lower the stress, the better the sleep the better mood you’re in to just play. It also works the opposite. The more stress you have, the crappier the sleep and the harder it is to let loose and have fun (without drugs or alcohol). 

So to get motivated to play (as backwards as it sounds), it’s super beneficial to address our sleep and stress. We can use essential oils for both. Check out Rachel’s blog on essential oils, that can help you get to the land of zzz’s. We also have recently formulated a Sweet Dreams oil blend that’s will help most people not only fall asleep but also stay asleep. To help ease some of your daily stressors, diffusing or wearing essential oils can be fantastic. Tassels n’ Dreams makes some amazing mala’s and bracelets with sponge coral and lava stones that can hold essential oils in your beautiful yoga jewelry. Just one or two drops will hold the smell for up to 5 days! Our top blends that are great for decompressing are unwind, calm and inner wisdom.  Once you are feeling more rested and less stressed, play feels more attainable and so much fun.

Look into obstacle gyms, ariel classes, dance classes, intro to pottery workshops or whatever spikes your interests and sign up! It will likely be bit hard to get out the door at first knowing that it’s cutting into your to-do list time, but once you start you’ll feel how amazing it is for your stress and your mood. Not long after, I’m sure you’ll start sleeping better and people will start asking what you’ve been doing because you look so darn amazing!

Now go throw a ball, jam some tambourine or play hide and go seek!