Listening To My Intuition


Knowing your intuition

We are super busy right now. Add that to having an almost 3 year old, a 7 month old, teaching yoga and sitting on a community hall board and some days I feel slammed and overwhelmed. Am I complaining? No, because I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love everything I do and that’s why I chose to be involved in everything I am in.

Last week, while I was teaching class geared towards opening up your throat chakra, I asked the class to pause for a moment and listen for any inner guidance that would help push them forward along their divine path. I paused too, hoping that I would receive a message about saying yes to a certain market or if we should put in our wanderlust whistler application. Instead I heard “relax”. Really? I questioned and to that question I once again heard “just relax”.

So I went through the week with this mantra in mind and kept reflecting back on it when I had the chance.

Growing up I had always been a super relaxed person. That stayed with me until my university years where the stress of campus life combined with my need to party finally got to me. I still think that I’m that type B personality little girl who would smile and laugh at anything. It’s tough to look in the mirror and realize that I can be pretty opinionated and stubborn. The busier I get, the more my type A side fires up almost like a protective mechanism. This leads to more tension in mine and Rachel’s work decisions and high expectations of my hubby at home. Sometimes I even take it out on Rachelle, getting super short with her when she’s just being a 2 year old.

As I went through the week, my resolve was tried. Rachel and Arden both caught the flu which put me working a market with the 2 kidlets for most of Saturday. Within an hour, Rachelle was asking to go home and I could feel the stress rising. “Just relax,” my inner voice told me and I did. I had to remind myself that Rachel and Arden were both probably having a pretty crappy time trying to rest and get healthy. I consciously relaxed myself and plowed through the day selling products and keeping both kids calm. At the end of the day, one of the organizers commented how “Easy” I made it look caring for 2 little ones while running a booth. It wasn’t until later that I realized that relaxing doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on the couch and watching Netflix. Relaxing means taking the tension out of your body so that every task you tackle just flows.

Keeping this in mind for the remainder of the week has taken practice. I catch myself in many situations letting my mind run and run and run creating unproductive stress. Coming back to the mantra that was given to me in class has helped me stop, slow down and create a better plan of action. Sometimes that plan simply means to sit in the moment and let my intuition guide which task to tackle first. (That’s how I spent my entire day today and at 2pm it told me to take an afternoon nap with the kids and stay up late working after the house is asleep. It feels good and right.) Other times, the plan is creating a systematic way to tackle everything on my to do list.

I can tell you that the message I received was exactly right for me. It reminded me that I am on the path I am meant to be on and if I try to push it or get in the way of myself, I will burn out, BUT, if I can relax through it and trust in my own capacity, everything will seem much easier, everything will get done and I will enjoy doing it!

Listen to your inner guide, it knows best,

Love and Light