Ingredient Profile- Broccoli Seed Oil

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Broccoli seed oil for the skin

We know how good it is for us to eat our veggies but what about wearing our veggies? Broccoli and broccoli sprouts have been highly regarded in the health community since the 70s. Many swear that consuming broccoli sprouts has lead to amazing improvements in health including warding off cancer. Broccoli’s nutrient profile is vast, containing B vitamins, iron, magnesium, folate, manganese and much much more. Broccoli can be extremely beneficial in helping those with vitamin D deficiencies as it contains a full balance of Vit A, Vitamin D and Vitamin K. When all three are consumed together, the absorption of vitamin D is much higher than taking a vitamin D supplement on it’s own. These fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E and K)

As if what you’ve heard so far isn’t enough to convince you of broccoli’s super powers, broccoli has also been shown to reduce allergies. Yep! A flavonoid in broccoli called kaempferol has been shown to lessen the impact of allergens. Combine that with the high Vit C content of broccoli and you have yourself and anti-inflammatory powerhouse! Controlling inflammation in the body can help you with body aches and pains, migraines, allergies, high blood pressure and even heart disease.

So now we know that we need to be eating more broccoli, but how does this profile translate into the benefits of broccoli seed oil for the skin?

As we know, seeds contain all the information a plant needs to grow. They also contain a condensed macro and micro nutrient profile of the plant. As such, broccoli seed oil has a rich vitamin and mineral profile loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds. Broccoli and broccoli seed oil also contains MSM. MSM is a key component in combatting free radicals. That means that ingesting it can help with our body’s detox systems and topically it can help to combat damage due to aging, pollution and sun exposure. Pretty awesome right! With broccoli’s fat soluble vitamin profile, this oil gives our skin what it needs to remain bright, youthful and healthy.

Broccoli seed oil is a rather new to the market and we are just beginning to scratch the surface on it’s powerful ability to revitalize the skin. We’ve fallen in love with it because it absorbs readily into the skin and truly has a profile like no other. Broccoli seed oil has also been shown to be very beneficial for hair health and to help treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. We now know that whatever we put on topically is readily absorbed into our system. This means that by using this powerhouse oil on your face and body, you may be able to positively impact your body’s macro and micro nutrient profile leading to a healthier body both inside and out!

Once we found this oil, we were so excited to put it to use. It made logical sense to allow it to be one of the primary oils in our new facial line. Our three serums: revitalize, balance and illuminate, use broccoli seed oil in conjunction with 4-5 other oils that are more specific to different skin types. These serums are also infused with botanicals for 6 weeks making them absolutely decadent for your face. Try our sample facial packs or dive in and try one of our serums. They are perfect for you and make a great gift for your loved ones. Oh and don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the men in your lives! Our new aftershave balm also contains the amazing power of broccoli.