I Broke My New Year’s Resolution

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New Year's Resolutions

I while back I wrote a blog about my like/ dislike relationship with new year’s resolutions (love/ hate is just too strong of a term for resolutions). This year my approach was different. Instead of setting a year’s resolution, I decided to set monthly resolutions all centered around the topic of spiritual development. Each month, I was to decide on a practice that would get me more in-touch with my inner self and inner-knowing. This would allow more flexibility for change over the year, yet keep me more accountable on a month to month basis. I also figured, if I could keep something going for an entire month, then it would naturally form into a habit, since research shows it takes about 21 days to form a habit.

Well, as most resolutions do, mine failed. My first month I decided to spend 5 min before sleeping and 5 min upon waking laying in stillness. I was pretty good about doing it before bed but I don’t think I allowed for it once in the morning.

February was even worse… I didn’t even set a practice!

Well, the third week of February hit and we went down to Calgary. I blogged about that experience a few weeks ago. I got a message down there that I was not grounded.  This spurred me into re-adopting a nightly meditation. I’m good about doing it 4-5 days a week. The other nights, I’m just too exhausted or my baby starts crying the minute I cross my legs (seriously). I’ve been diligent now for 3 weeks and it feels like it’s formed back into a habit.

From this meditation practice, I’ve been connecting and communicating more with people who share my interest in spiritual development. This has strengthened my resolve to continue to grow and pursue getting in touch with my inner self and inner knowing through the course of the year. I get to share some of my experiences, they get to tell me about certain workshops and we get time to reflect together on where we were, where we are now and where we envision ourselves going.

So have I really broken my resolution?

I would say Yes. I know some of you may say No.

I wasn’t truthful to the rules and parameter’s I set around the resolution.

So really.. New Year’s Resolutions’ don’t work for me. There is not enough flexibility in them.They do not allow for synchronistic events to guide me on my path. I thrive on shifting rapidly and being open to change.

The other reason why I believe resolutions don’t work for many people is because there is no community behind them. Typically you don’t make a resolution with 10 of your friends to eat healthier and have everyone in the group really mean it. The way that I stumbled back into my meditation practice and found people around me to support it has been allowing me to build community around my change. We are social being and we require company especially if we are stepping into something new.

I plan on continuing with a broad recognition that this year I have been called to look inside and serve from a place of intuition. I’m excited to share with you insights I have along the way. I’m also excited to share my skills when divine timing allows it to flow naturally!

Love and Light