Hydrating Honey Mask

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Product Profile: Hydrating Honey Mask

Having clear skin is important to me. Being a woman, it’s a tough task to have flawless skin in the face of stress and hormones. I used to dabble with clays and masks but nothing ever seemed easy enough or powerful enough for me to work it in to my routine… until we developed our hydrating honey mask. With Canadian glacial clay and bentonite clay to draw out impurities, honey to disinfect and repair, and pumpkin seed oil and babassu oil to lock in moisture and a healthy glow, it’s unusual for me to go more than a week without putting one on my face.

So how does it work exactly?

It works in two ways. One is quite obvious, it’s through the power of our amazing ingredients. The other way is not so obvious, it’s by taking some time for self-love and self-care. Taking 5-20 min even once a week to pamper yourself can do wonders on your stress level. When our stress is under control, a hormone called cortisol is also in better control leading to, yep, less breakouts. Cortisol is also responsible for weight gain, sleep issues and trouble with conception when levels aren’t under control. So, by being vain and taking 5-20 min once a week to sit with our hydrating honey mask, you might be able to improve more than just the look of your skin!

What’s So Great About The Ingredients?

bentonite clay: This super soft clay comes from volcanic ash. As such, it is extremely high in trace minerals and has an uber strong negative charge. It’s popular amongst health nuts as an internal detox for heavy metals and has been used for skin care for centuries. The negative charge will help to bind impurities and toxins from deep inside pores. High in silica and other minerals, bentonite will assist in healing even aggressive skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema while being able to treat infection. This has always been one of my favorite clays for mosquito bites, open cuts and face masks.

Canadian glacial clay: Negatively charged, mineral dense and enriched with beneficial phytoplankton, this not so secret ingredient makes this mask soft, dark and amazing for a flawless face. It’s micro-sized particles and absorptive ability keep the surface of your skin clean while drawing moisture from deep layers to the surface. This clay also helps to increase circulation and smooth out the skin. It is highly regarded for under eye treatment and wrinkles.

pumpkin seed oil: This oil is amazing because of it’s high natural levels of vitamins and minerals including zinc. Zinc is extremely good at calming irritations and promoting skin regeneration making it a great oil for irritated or aging skin. It’s also quite balanced in oleic and linoleic acid allowing this oil to be beneficial for all skin types.

babassu oil: The best part about this oil is that it is sustainably grown and harvested. The oil itself is very similar in make up to coconut oil containing medium chain triglycerides in the form of lauric acid. This oil is sure to be gaining more and more popularity as it has a higher absorbability rate than coconut making it less greasy and less likely to clog pores than coconut oil with all the benefits of it. It’s great for the face and is also being used in natural high-end hair care.

raw local honey: Sourced from a hive that only uses essential oils to keep bees healthy, and processed through a large mesh screen with no to low heat, this honey is by far the best I’ve ever tasted and used for skin care. The enzymes in honey are powerful disinfectants and great at promoting healing. This makes honey extremely useful for skin with fine lines, wrinkle or acne, so pretty much any woman over the age of 13.

Our jars are packed with everything your face needs to look it’s best. With no funky additives or preservatives, this mask is great for anyone and everyone. All you need to do is massage 1-2 tsp of the mask onto a clean face, let it sit for 5-20 min and wipe it off with a warm cloth. For an at-home spa experience, after letting the mask sit for 5 min, give yourself a 1-5 min face massage. After removing the mask. Heat up a towel in steaming water and place it on the face until it cools. Follow it with a toner and a facial serum and you’ll look like you just dropped $200 at a high-end spa.

Cheers to a happy face and a natural glow!

Jay and Rae