Healing Message for the Spring Solstice:

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Card Reading

I was guided last night to write this week’s blog using the Intuitive Reiki Readings I am being drawn to. What is this you may ask? Well Reiki is like a Radio channel I use to tune into messages from spirit guides, loved ones on the other side and God/The Divine/Universe. I was very drawn to connect with the collective consciousness of our fan base and here is what I got! If this resonates with you or you have questions please do not hesitate to connect with me.

Hope Transformation Choices

I really felt that this is a period for many of where things are changing so fast we are changing, the world is changing and for a lot of us, it is opening doors and creating a lot more options in our lives than we had 3 months ago.

I got the message that it is a time to stay open, to allow the universe/God/Divine (whatever term you like) to guide you. We always have free will to do as we choose, but the path of least resistance is the one through which we listen to the Divine. Things are going to happen for us that we could never have dreamt of, so allow yourself to hand over the control in your life and live through your heart.

If you have been thinking of making a change in your life such as going vegetarian, quitting smoking or breaking up with someone, I am hearing that we should take our time moving into these shifts. Allow your energy and mind to be accustomed to the idea. Jumping in full out to something right now may lead to failure, guilt and in the end be more damaging. I am also getting that we should not over analyze these decisions, the knowledge strength and power we require is within us if we can get silent enough to hear what is we are guided too.

I then did a card spread (Picture above)

Discontent and Boredom: Again I feel this goes back to the transformation, choices message. I am getting that in the last couple years, less time for some, we have become dissatisfied with our lives. Some have asked for a conscious change, some have just outgrown who we once were, and it has become mundane. This has kick started the changes we are starting to see now.

It is leading to Material Harvest! Now this can be physical harvest, but also spiritual and emotional as well. The seeds of hope, love and change we have sowed are ready for the harvest and it is time to rejoice in this. But there won’t be much time to settle as the next crop will be ready very soon.

Power: I’m not sure about all of you, but I have found this insanely wicked, slightly annoying inner guidance that speaks to me about EVERYTHING! I cannot even write my grocery list without being guided as to what to buy. How does this relate to power.. welllll its all about personal power! Reclaiming our love of self and trusting in our oneness with the universe and God. I especially Love how the lion appears in the card.. The Lion message links the next three cards together because its message is courage, strength and finding our own power within!

Which brings me to the Wisdom Card: Our inner wisdom the knowing we have inside of who we truly are and what we are here for is so much stronger than what we realize. Once we connect to our personal power, and have the courage to speak from our hearts through love, this inner wisdom pours from us inspiring others.

New Beginnings: Need I say more?? Really in our personal lives if you haven’t already started to see the change, it’s coming. The world cannot stay the same as it always has, and many of us know that. Our realization of the Divine is creating a collective energy that is starting a beautiful new world. We need to stand together in our strength, faith and love and lead the way!

This to me also ties in the Moving on card! By making the conscious choice to grow we are also choosing to leave behind, self doubt, self hatred, and fear. We are starting to question the ways in which the world has been working and we are leaving behind those old ideas.

This is not the time for us to stand idly by, but rather stand together, root ourselves in our faith, and speak clearly and with passion from our hearts on what we believe. We can no longer allow hate to speak louder than love.