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purify the air with plants

Green is the new black. Going green is the wave of the future, improving not only the quality of our earth but also of your health. We hear about green when it comes to cleaner food options, better cosmetics and body care products and energy efficient products. Sometimes we forget that literally greening up our home environment can lead to tremendous health benefits. I’m talking about plants. Yes plants! Adding just a few of these into your living space can help to eat up nasty off-gassing from furniture, plastics and pollution. Increasing the air quality in your home can decrease lethargy, decrease allergies, increase productivity and more.

Interestingly enough, that “new car smell” or “new furniture smell” is actually VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) off gassing into your home. Couches, carpets, mattresses, particle board and furniture are just a few things that we don’t even think about effecting our health yet they contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, toluene and pesticides that can greatly decrease the air quality in your home.

I know, super overwhelming information. Especially if this is the first time you’ve heard it. But don’t worry there is a simple thing you can do to reverse the off gassing leading to a greener home. Buy Plants!

Some plants are better than others at eating up VOC’s but all plants do have the potential of moderating toxins in the air and all have the ability to increase oxygen in the home. Here are a few that grow easily indoors and have been shown to help neutralize VOC’s and contribute to better health:

Peace Lilly

Bamboo Palm

Rubber Plant

Spider Plant

Aloe Plant

Snake Plant

Most of these plants do well with low light and tolerate a bit of neglect which is perfect for busy lives. Most of these plants are able to filter formaldehyde and some, like aloe and the peace lily, are also great options for filtering benzene. What’s best about using plants to improve your health is that it requires little effort and makes your space more beautiful. Remember, some plants do better with animals than others, the snake plant is one considered to be safe for almost any home.

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