Getting Through The Day

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Using Oils To Help With Stress

Sleepy, unfocused, stressed, hormonal and stinky. These play into almost everyday of my life. Sound familiar? As much as I would love a few more hours in each day and one more day a week, I’m not sure that would make me energized, focused, calm, non-hormonal and smelling great. Over the last few years, I’ve learned about a secret weapon that can help and it comes in little amber jars. Essential oils are my go to natural remedy for my daily challenges.

One questions we get asked all the time is, “how do you use essential oils?” You don’t need a diffuser. Diffusers came along centuries after essential oils were first made. Simply smelling the oil in the bottle can do wonders for your mood. Even though I do own more than one diffuser, these are still my go to ways to use essential oils:

  1. Dropping a few drops on my throw blanket and scarves. (note: although most oils do not stain,  it is possible for an essential oil to stain fabric. Don’t drop oil on your favorite silk scarf. Instead, try darker natural fabrics that you’re not so worried about)
  2. Mixing 1-3 drops of essential oils in with 1-2 Tbsp coconut oil in a small mason jar to apply as an aromatherapy lotion.
  3. Wetting a face cloth in hot water, wringing it out and then placing it near me in a bowl and adding in some drops of essential oil.
  4. Making a spray with water, a touch of vodka (optional) and my essential oils to use as a pillow spray or room spray.

Back to feeling sleepy, unfocused, stressed, hormonal and stinky…

This is how my day usually goes and an essential oil weapon to get through it.

I Wake Up Sleepy- Spray My Energizing Spray

-15 drop grapefruit, 15 drops lime and 10 drops eucalyptus mixed with 1/2 tsp vodka and 50ml of water.

I Have Work To Do- Place A Hot Towel In A Dish With My Essential Oils On It

-5 drops rosemary, 3 drops lemon, 2 drops peppermint

I Realize I SmellPut Our Natural Deodorant On And Douse Myself In Body Spray

-I use one of our sprays (hippie is a good one for this) or sometime make something new: 15 drops ylang ylang, 8 drops patchouli, 8 drops ceadrwood atlas with 1/2 tsp of vodka and 50ml of water

I Start To Worry About Everything On My PlateTime For A Meditation With Oils

-2 drops bergamot and 1 drop frankincense on my scarf or 2 drops of inner wisdom blend. I wrap it around my shoulders or neck and take time to breathe deeply whether or not I have time for a full meditation

My Hubby Asks If It’s “That Time Of The Month”Give myself a massage with my coconut oil concoction

-2 drops clary sage, 1 drop frankincense, 1 drop rose in 2 tbsp coconut oil. If it’s that time of month it goes right on my tummy, if not, it goes anywhere.

Although it would probably be amazing if I remembered to use these weapons all the time, I usually only remember to use one or two of my weapons daily. If any of these quick natural remedy blends speak to you, give it a try, one at a time so you don’t get too overwhelmed… the last thing we need is more stress right?!

Well, one more day down for me! Time to hit the pillow with some lavender on it 😉