Find Your Radient And Glowing Face: Welcome Our New Facial Line

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It’s a pretty surreal feeling to be sitting at my computer writing a blog on a product that I was inspired to make over 6 months ago, thanks to the most gracious gift of a facial from my best guy on mothers day!

Our new Facial line is something I never thought or even dreamed we would do, but now here it is looking all beautiful and grown up. The day I had that facial really made me think about what was in those bottles of competitors’ products for $120!!!! I know I sure the heck was not spending my money on that until I checked it out. Here is what I found, the oils and essential oils used are fairly basic and although they have very good benefits, I knew we could come up with something even better for a fraction of the cost. And we did!!

So without further ado let me introduce our newest beautiful line of high quality affordable face care!

We created this line to be more specific to three main skin types:

1. Revitalize: for Dry/Mature Skin

2. Balance: for oily acne skin

3. Illuminate: for Brightening and combination skin

Each type has its own facial serum and revitalizing mask that we have carefully selected ingredients and botanicals that are specific to the goal of each product. This process took us nearly 4 weeks of research and heated debates before we agreed upon all ingredients and could move into the next phase.

The serums are probably the most fun to create because we allow the oils to infuse with the chosen botanicals for a period of 6 weeks before we can even bottle the serum.

The masks use a combination of brown rice flour, clays, extracts and botanicals to buff and detox the skin. Again each exfoliating mask is slightly different depending on what the goal of the skin type is.

We have also created a beautiful toner, infused for 4 weeks with rose and jasmine flowers to help hydrate and maintain proper PH levels in the skin.

Let me take you a little deeper into the lines.

Reviatilize: The goal of this line is to provide maximum hydration for skin that is losing its natural elasticity. We wanted to ensure that is was able to turn back the hands of time, while providing a soft luxurious feeling. We use carriers such as Rose Hip, and Evening Primrose oil which are both high in fatty acids and shown to improve skin quality as well as repair dry weathered skin. We have chosen essential oils that help to maximize hydration for the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, such as lime and frankincense.

Balance: This line focuses on people with oil acne prone skin. The goal is to help reduce inflammation, and clear up clogged pores deep under the skin. Essentially we want to assist the skin return to its natural state of balance. So we have chosen oils such as broccoli seed which is high in antioxidants and has been shown to help repair skin and reduce redness while absorbing quickly so it doesn’t leave your face feeling oily. We have also infused these oils with horse tail which is a powerful antioxidant, antiseptic and has amazing healing properties! The mask, helps to detox deep down in the skin layers, to pull out the toxins, exfoliate the dead skin, and help to maintain the natural balance of the face, by using Australian pink clays and green tea extract powder.

Illuminate: This line has been designed with people that have combination skin or those that need to let out the inner glow. We use sandalwood essential oils and carrier oils of Pumpkin seed oil and Pomegranate seed oil. Both oils tend to help balance the PH level of the skin as well as being particularly suitable for all skin types because of the linoleic and oleic make up. The mask contains pineapple extracts that help to polish the skin bringing while breaking down dead dry cells and allowing the healthy glow to come to the surface.

What is most exciting about this line?

We I know personally how hard it is to drop money on a new line of facial care without being certain it works well for me. So we have created little tester kits that sell for $35. In the kit you get to try the serum, toner, cleansing oil, exfoliating mask and our famous hydrating honey mask. The full size kits sell for only $115 or you can buy the individual products.

We put a lot of love and work into ensuring you are getting nothing but the absolute highest quality skin care for an affordable price.

We hope you love our new line as much as we do!