Peace, Ease And Gentleness, How To Find Bliss

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Peaceful, At Ease and Gentle…

I can get to this state quickly when I close my eyes to meditate. Meditation has always come pretty naturally for me.  But once I’m off the mat, things don’t come so naturally. I struggle to remain peaceful, at ease and gentle with myself, my kids and anyone else along the way.

So what do these words feel like in meditation?


There is a feeling of lightness. A gentle glow that radiates off my cheekbones, chest, hands, and feet. I loose sense of where my physical body ends and start to sense my energy (my electrons) floating off my physical. In savasana, the floor helps to align my 7 chakras (energy centers) and I start to feel connected to something bigger than my body. There is a sense of being surrounded by white and golden light and being supported by all that is good. “Good, good, good, good vibrations”

At Ease.

There is no sense of effort. All tension has been completely let go of. My structure is simply supported by energy and all my muscles relax and lengthen. Sometimes I even need to re-adjust myself on the mat as my body physically grows when the tension falls away. My skin feels smoother, my emotions soften and expansion rapidly overcomes my mind and body. The Universe, God, Angels or whatever spiritual beings you believe in are able to do their work in cleansing my system and help me become my best when I’m not holding onto anything physically.


There is no judgement or internal dialogue chattering in my mind. Passing judgment and setting high expectations of myself is one of my life’s greatest challenges. When my eyes are open and I’m moving through my day, there is a constant inner critiquing that goes on in my brain. I am always searching for things to do better or things to learn instead of appreciating what I have done and have learned.  This critique simply does not exist in meditation. It was the last thing to fade when I began meditating. Now, when I am settled, I become gentle with myself. I am totally and fully satisfied with me. I love me. I love the experience of me on this earth and I am grateful for every sensation running through my body.

So what does this feel like when you’re not meditating?

I don’t know. I have’t quite nailed it yet. I have felt this state during my dancing days. During that perfect show or rehearsal, there have been times when peace, ease and gentleness has expressed itself, all at once, in every cell of my body.  Other than that, I have glimpses every now and then.

Gentleness is my key.  If I can nail that when I’m awake, then things do feel more at ease and therefore more peaceful.  It’s so easy for us all to be our biggest critics. We need to chill out. I need to chill out. Just think how different life would feel if we all moved through it with Peace, Ease and Gentleness.

If you’re struggling with any of these feelings, breakdown these words and what they mean to you. Reflection is one of life’s most powerful tools for growth. Then sit, eyes closed, and take 8 slow, deep, belly breaths. This will start to transition you to a softer space. Once you’re there, bring these three words into your head, one at a time and very slowly. Feel what they mean to you, in every cell. Reflect on your meaning of them or reflect on mine. Take another deep breath. If your thoughts start racing, slow down and recite “peace, ease, gentleness” until you begin to feel them once again. Remain here as long as you like (3min-30min), whatever feels right. When you’re done, do your best to carry it with you through the rest of the day.. and into the next.

Love and Light