Essential Oils For Allergies

Jayleen Rennebergessential oils, natural living

Snow mold, fresh grass, pollen, flower buds… spring is coming but so are the stuffy noses and ka-choos. Did you know that essential oils can help? Essential oils are great for helping to deal with symptoms caused by allergies. Most people use essential oils to help open up airways and to help neutralize airborne allergens. These are the ones I like to use:

Orange- Orange is know therapeutically for it’s ability to help support the lungs. It’s a gentle oil and smells great when it’s diffused. Certain citrus oils can be photosensitive when applied topically so it’s better to sniff or diffuse this oil than apply topically unless you are familiar with which citruses and what dilutions allow it to be safe.

Lavender- There are a few studies that have shown that lavender has anti-histamine properties. Lavender has also been used for centuries during the allergy season to help reduce watering eyes, sneezing and more. You can use it diluted topically or sniff this oil. It may be particularly beneficial to place a drop on a face cloth by your bedside to help you sleep when allergies are cramping your usual sleep style.

Eucalyptus- Where orange is a better bet to use with younger kids, eucalyptus is great at opening up airways for adults and kids over 10. It’s considered to be a natural expectorant and can help the body with nasal congestion and pain. It smells great on it’s own and is popular for people to diffuse in their home and use in steam showers.

Rosemary- I love blending a touch of rosemary with peppermint and orange during allergy season. Rosemary is therapeutically known to have some antispasmodic properties which can be very useful if you ironically sneeze and cough with allergies. It’s a pretty herbal smell that most people don’t like on it’s own so blending it with other essential oils for allergies is usually a better option than using it solo.

Peppermint- Just like eucalyptus, one sniff of peppermint can clear out your sinuses. Peppermint is also very uplifting and energetic which is why I like to diffuse it for allergies. I usually get mad brain fog so peppermint will help to energize me while also helping me breathe a bit easier.

So when it’s allergy season, before you reach for chemical support, try out some oils to take the edge off. Diffusing oils is an easy and generally safe way to use oils during allergy season but you can also use the oils on lava stones or other diffuser jewelry or just keep a bottle in your purse/pocket and inhale as necessary. If you want the power of more than one oil but don’t trust your own blending skills, we do sell an Allergy Blend that smells so great it usually gets diffused year round.

We encourage you to invest in a few oils and try it out for yourself!

Jay and Rae