Creating Space

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Space for change

If you’ve been following my posts lately they have really been a lot about how you can have the life and love you want. The last few weeks for me have been about creating the space I need within my life to allow the good things to flow.

I heard the term create space when I started practicing Hot yoga 3 years ago. I had NO idea what the hell the instructor was talking about but I just pretended I did and talked about it with others all the time. But truthfully the meaning was lost to me. It just sounded like a super fabulous term “spiritual” people used.

Then as always, I started drawing in the experiences I needed to really understand what this meant. So what does creating space mean to me. Well in my life it means letting go of the expectations I have of myself and of others, It means walking away from things and people that are not contributing in positive ways to my life.

Creating Space meant opening up my life to a wonderful world of possibilities and letting go of the excuses I made for others and myself. It caused me to look at myself and see the guilt and the fear I was holding onto as well as the old beliefs that were holding me back.

I have recently let go of an ex and dear friend from my life. It was probably one of the hardest things I have done, relationship wise, in a very long time.  Admitting to myself that I was trying to manipulate the situation with him by saying I just wanted to be friends  and realizing that I still had love in my heart for him, was no easy task. Tears were shed when I told him I needed to be true to my heart and fair to him and that we could not  be friends anymore. At first my ego took over creating images of him calling me telling me that he didn’t want a life without me (Seriously our egos can be real crazy people sometimes).  Within a day or two of feeling what I needed to, sending him light and allowing myself the space to realize I was finally speaking my truth and opening myself up to the love I’ve always wanted, my heart felt lighter.  I felt free and a new sense of wonder and awes for who I am becoming washed over me.

Creating space doesn’t always mean clearing out people it means giving yourself and others the room to grow and blossom.  Allowing yourself to feel the emotions that bubble through you, to experience the lessons that life offers in a way that is non judgmental is how I create space. How can you do this?

1. Be easy on yourself. Know you are a spiritual being in a human body experiencing all the wonderful and the painful things this life has to offer.

2. Be Mindful.  When we allow the lessons to flow and life to flow without having to stop it or change it or make it into something more tolerable we actually experience less pain, although at the time it can feel far more intense, its often much shorter lived. Accept who you are today and be mindful of the present moment in all its awesome.

3. Meditate. This is an amazing tool we have all heard it before but it allows our mind, body and spirit to connect on higher levels. Meditation does not mean you need to sit cross legged and chant, meditation can be anything you love to do that helps you clear your mind of the clutter. I like to color, draw. I also like to listen to music and move to the beat. I do sit cross legged and I do even chant sometimes. But those things feel right for me and may not feel right to you.

4. Breathe. It’s that simple. Take mindful breathes when you are feeling overwhelmed and allow the breathe moving through you to help open you up. I know when I am tense or over thinking, I tend to hold my breath but as soon as I take a few deep ones and relax my diaphragm the my mind slows and the solutions flow.

When we are in the moment of hurt and heart ache it can sometimes be more difficult to allow the space we need, but with practice this too will become easy for you. Today you can simply start by setting an intention that you want to be open to life you deserve and would like to create the space needed to do so.

Love and Purpose