Intuitive Reiki

Reiki & Intuitive Coaching

These 60 minute sessions help to balance your body and chakras, using gentle touch and music. Each session is slightly different and each patient has a different experience, however they all have a similar flow. During the reiki portion of the session, you will sometimes feel gentle touch, you will hear singing bowls and music and feel my presence at different points along your body. After the session, we will have a coaching session on what went on, followed by a card reading and some tips for integrating the session’s lessons and messages.

  • balance your mind
  • find peace
  • discover purpose
  • heal wounds ad balance chakras

In-Person $85/session (approximately 60-75 minutes)
Mini-Phone $45/session  (30 minutes)
Group Reiki Meditation $35/person- minimum 4 people (max 1 hour session in home)

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