Holistic Nutritional Coaching

Holistic Nutritional Coaching:

6 month Coaching Packages

Over the course of 6 months, we will meet over the phone or over Skype once every 2 weeks. After a free initial consultation, we will look into your health goals and begin to pull together simple modifications that can be integrated into your current home and lifestyle. These small changes, tailored to you, will change the way you think and feel over the next 6 months.

Health Coaching Is Perfect If You:

  • Are you trying to get healthy but don’t know where to start;
  • Know exactly what you should be doing but need professional accountability to do it;
  • Have a specific athletic or performance goal;
  • Would like to Improve your health or general quality of life;
  • Like To Be Up To Date On The Latest Research And Trends In The Health Field And Would Like To Know If And How They Work.


  • Free Initial Consultation
  • $960.00 ($80 Per session, $40 Per Week)
  • Payment Can Be Done In Full Or In Instalments
  • Additional Yoga Training Will Be Offered AT A Discounted Rate
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