Essential Oil Workshops

Blending Essential Oils & Introduction To Essential Oils

Introduction To Essential Oils

After being asked the same questions regarding essential oils at every event we attend, we decided to put together 1.5 hr a workshop to touch on basic information regarding essential oils. With more and more people interested in natural ways to deal with stress, sleep issues, cleaning and more, essential oils have been gaining popularity. Unfortunately, with popularity comes myths and marketing schemes regarding how to choose and use oils. If you’re brand new to essential oils, or if you own a few essential oils and would like to know more, this workshop is a fun way to discover new information, ask questions and smell some great oils.

In The workshop we answer the following questions:

  • What are essential oils?
  • What can I use essential oils for?
  • How can I tell the quality of an essential oil?
  • How can I safely use essential oils in my home?
  • Which essential oils are right for me?

Workshop Details:

  • 1.5 hr Workshop;
  • $30/ person (min 7 participants, max 30);
  • Workshop Includes Small Gift;
  • Hold a workshop at your establishment or a private party in your home.

Blending Essential Oils

This is our intermediate essential oil workshop geared towards those who already have a basic understanding of essential oils and enjoy using them in your homes. It’s really fun to play around with oils and create your own blends but sometimes getting the right balance of scent is difficult. We’ve created this workshop to give you a hands on experience in blending oils. We will help you create your own individual blend, choosing oils that fit your purpose and complement each other’s scent.

In this workshop we:

  • Explain what top, middle and base notes are
  • Talk more in depth on the properties of a few popular essential oils
  • Describe different scent grouping and what they blend well with
  • Give you hands on time to create your own blend
  • Help you pick your oils based on their properties and smell to make a top notch blend with purpose

Workshop Details:

  • 1.5 hour workshop;
  • $65/ person (7-10 people);
  • Workshop includes personalized essential oil blend.
  • Hold a workshop at your establishment or a private party in your home.
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