Change Through Solutions

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Finding solutions to problems

So it’s Wednesday Morning and its my week to have a blog ready for Thursday… I didn’t have any plans for what to write today, besides a million tiny little ideas that are constantly flowing through my brain that never seem to be cohesive or warrant a blog. So this morning I decided that I was just going to sit down and write.

When I sat down I asked that the information that flowed through me came from a place of love and purpose and that the words I typed would in some way be helpful to even just one person or at very least that is was coherent enough to be a blog.

And then BAM I have it:  Problem, surrender, solution!

What I would have done years ago or even as little as 6 months ago, was to sit down, and force ideas to flow through. I would have grasped desperately at straws and tried to make a connection, all that failing I would have grabbed a bottle of wine, got mildly drunk and then let the ideas flow.  Who isn’t a little more creative after a drink or two…

However, I am learning not to rely on solely my own skills or those of the magical elixir wine. I am learning faith and surrender.  That’s an awful task for a control freak!  Even admitting I am a control freak is an awful task. But I am!  I don’t even let Jayleen make most of our products because I have my WAY of doing it! We laugh about it all the time and how I have level 10 reactions to things that should be a 5 or a level 5 to things that should be a ten. I fight the fights that don’t need me and the ones that do, I have no energy left to attend to.  When I sense change I have a mini melt down and a minor hissy fit until I can process the information (usually within 5-15 minutes) then its ok, I wrap my head around it and we move on.

I know this about myself and it really doesn’t hurt anyone else but me. When I hold on so tightly to how I think things SHOULD be, I close myself off to the flow of how things can be. Let’s be honest we don’t always know what is best for us, but we hold so so so tightly to what we think we need, what we think will make us happy that we close ourselves off to so many other great things.  I have honestly done this my whole life.  When things aren’t going how I think, I scramble, I plan, I worry and I try and force them and the people around me into fitting back into my reality!

6 months ago I was madly in love, with who I thought was my soul mate. The man I was going to spend forever with! We rarely fought, and our love was intense but then one day it just ended! (Change and Perceived Problem) The reality I saw was someone who completed me, who needed me and who told me all the things I couldn’t say to myself. But then like that he was gone, and I was heartbroken.  Then something changed:  I actually looked at myself, I didn’t blame him, and although the pain was almost unbearable, I had this faint glimmer of hope, that something better must be waiting and that there was a lesson in this for me.  In my usual way of learning everything as hard as I can, there was a lesson, one that had repeated itself for more than a decade, but finally I got it.  This man who I loved, who broke my heart, completely flipped my world upside down and I couldn’t be more grateful for it! Then, in the midst of the pain I just surrendered, I didn’t know what do, I had $60 and a move in two weeks, plus all the bills and food for the kids and you name it I owed it. Then my little voice inside me, God, the universe, my inner me, call it what you will, Very loudly told me to let go and have faith!

So the point of this story, change often brings a perceived problem, but if we can look past that, have a glimmer of hope, surrender our intentions to the love and purpose of the universe, everything will work out in our favor, even if that’s not the favor you think it should be! I am now living in a home I never thought I would be able to afford, my business is booming, my boys are happy, my bills are only slightly behind, we have food in our bellies and so much love and gratitude in our hearts I swear its contagious!

Can you set aside the way you think things SHOULD be, in order to receive the things that may be better for you? Can you recognize that even in the change that perceived problem you fear and sense is really not a problem, but an opportunity for awareness and growth? I can’t always do this, but the more I practice the easier its getting and the better my life gets each and every day!

Jay was fortunate enough to see Marianne Williamson speak this weekend at Bloom and she told me about one part of the talk where Marianne stated something along these lines: “We are the voices of change but we are not speaking up. If a mother lion sees her cub threatened she fights, she attacks and no one thinks less of her for doing so. It is expected!” How powerful is that?

What is attacking our lives right now? What are we not standing up for? If you follow us and you shop with us the chances re you are into living natural, you probably do yoga and meditate, you probably believe in Love! You probably also KNOW in your heart the way our world runs is not in line with Love, Grace and Purpose. But like me you are also probably not sure how to be the beacon of hope and light. It becomes easier to hide behind rose colored glasses than to continue to get upset about the things that are taking place.

One of the first rules in manifestation however is to keep positive, let the good times flow, if You can keep your energy and space in high vibration you are helping others to also meet this place. Does that mean we don’t get upset about injustices? This is something I have been struggling with and the answer is NO… GET UPSET! GET FUCKING ANGRY!!  But use this anger and emotion to fuel your search for a solution, do not start another war on something, be the light in the problem, by recognizing it, thanking it for showing you what you want and then find the solution!

Change is inevitable, we are constantly in this ebb and flow of how we think our life should be and then the reality of what is actually happening. Jay was talking yesterday about the silver lining (stay tuned for her next blog) but that got me thinking about how we are constantly being challenged through change for our personal and collective evolution. As many of you know 6 months ago I went through a very shocking and very heart breaking break up.  But it was one of many break ups I had been through, they represented the life I thought I needed, the one that I thought everyone else had. This last one created a force inside me, a force that was done fighting and only wanted a solution. The solution was my own self love! There was nothing I wanted more at the time to marry the man that was in my life, but now I realize what I really wanted was a way to find my voice, my own love and my own power.

How can we apply this to the world? Well I believe honestly that the things in this world we want to change do start with our own healing. I also believe that we need focus our intention on one of love and purpose through spirit. When we do this, the personal healing flows to us, and then we are able to more clearly see the solutions to bigger problems.
I read an amazing book by Esther Hicks and Dr. Wayne Dyer a few months back; Dr.Dyer was very passionate about GMO foods. In his talk with Esther he kept saying how wrong it was, how can we continue to let this happen.  She told him that he was still focused on the problem, that for there to be any change, he had to focus on the outcome he wanted and the solution would flow and at very least it would create the spark in the universe to develop that solution. 

Awful things are happening all around us, we cannot deny that. We can also not deny that many of us want a change, but an equal part of us are afraid that a change could bring something worse so we will stay put in the middle of the evil we know. I am telling you that, any change is better than not evolving and not growing! We cannot continue to stay stuck for fear of the change and this is just as true for our personal situations as it is for our world as a whole. You know in your heart as does every person on this planet (if they are truly in touch with the love that is us all) what the solution already is. It is time to let go of the fear of change and embrace the love and purpose in your heart, only then will we start to see the world we want.

So do not fear the change, do fear the unknown, welcome the solutions, and the changes, you never know what that change could lead to!

Love and Purpose,