Relaxing Into Meditation

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Meditation tips

I used to be great at setting aside a portion of each day to breathe, do yoga or meditate. Then business life with 2 kids snuck up on me and my meditation routine has not been regular. I’ve been more stressed and more anxious lately, so I’ve decided it’s time to get back into my meditation routine. The problem is, … Read More

Breathe … you have to…

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We’ve had a lot going on behind the scenes these last few weeks, both in our own personal lives and in our business life. It’s been a challenge to manage everything all at once, plus some extra. We all can feel like this sometimes. Our plate gets super full and then something else gets piled on top just to add … Read More

The Truth About Self Care

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Is self care necessary

In the field of holistic health, there is a LOT of talk these days about self-care. We hear it everywhere and no one really knows what it means. Well, the truth is, everyone has their own definition of self- care. The point of self-care is to make sure that in this crazy, busy, stressful, overstimulating world we live in, we … Read More

Therapeutic Grade?

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Pure Essentials Therapeutic Oil

Here I am 3 lessons and about 75 hours into my Aromatherapy course, and I cannot believe how much I have already discovered. I am also so happy to have a good solid base of essential oil knowledge from Jay and I’s research and hands on experience over the years. However its still shocking how much more there is to … Read More

I Broke My New Year’s Resolution

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New Year's Resolutions

I while back I wrote a blog about my like/ dislike relationship with new year’s resolutions (love/ hate is just too strong of a term for resolutions). This year my approach was different. Instead of setting a year’s resolution, I decided to set monthly resolutions all centered around the topic of spiritual development. Each month, I was to decide on a practice … Read More

Staying Grounded

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Energetically grounding against psychic attacks and emf's

A few weekends ago, as some of you might know, Rachel and I were part of The Health Shows in Calgary. We always have fun at shows looking around at the booths, meeting other vendors and being surrounded by like-minded, small business entrepreneurs. This show was totally awesome for that. Not only did we get a sweet deal on coconut … Read More

Dear 2015

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Power of reflection

Dear 2015, What a year we have had! So many crazy ups and downs, U-turns and back flips and they all lead right to here. This very place of me sitting at my computer having a hard time letting the words flow about moving into 2016. So I am sitting here and I am thinking how in the world I am ever … Read More

Goodbye Part Girl

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who am I

I went from a party girl to a mom. Just like that… There didn’t seem to be an in between. I never knew who I was or what I wanted out of this life before I had my sons. I knew I wanted to have fun and experience life but instead, I drank and stayed up until all hours of the … Read More

Peace, Love And Oneness

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namaste meaning

Peace, Love and Oneness are words we are hearing a lot right now in social media, depending on the type of friends you have and of course the person you are. This however happens to be a very desperate time in our world. Not just for the people of Paris but for us all. I read an interesting article tonight … Read More