Healing Message for the Spring Solstice:

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Card Reading

I was guided last night to write this week’s blog using the Intuitive Reiki Readings I am being drawn to. What is this you may ask? Well Reiki is like a Radio channel I use to tune into messages from spirit guides, loved ones on the other side and God/The Divine/Universe. I was very drawn to connect with the collective consciousness of our … Read More

A Business Built On Fatih


How pure essentials began

Why we Do what we Do! This week I thought I would answer a question Jay and I get asked a lot when we are at shows with our products: “How did you guys start out?”  Or “What inspired you to make these products?” I love these questions so much because many times people assume we are trained in product … Read More

Change Through Solutions

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Finding solutions to problems

So it’s Wednesday Morning and its my week to have a blog ready for Thursday… I didn’t have any plans for what to write today, besides a million tiny little ideas that are constantly flowing through my brain that never seem to be cohesive or warrant a blog. So this morning I decided that I was just going to sit … Read More

What’s Your Worth?

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Last week I came across this beautiful picture on facebook. It was of a naked woman giving herself to a skeleton. The clip from the women captioned stating that this was symbolic of how women and all people give themselves freely to others who have nothing to offer back. How after time we all become bone, the life sucked from … Read More