A Journey Through Space Rain

Jayleen Rennebergessential oils, natural living, self-development

My name is Rachel if you don’t already know me, I am the other half and not always the better half, of Pure Living Enthusiast. I am super fiery, and a total introverted extrovert. I am usually moody and I prefer being in small groups unless I want to be in a big group. What I love typically changes daily … Read More

Easy Uplifting Citrus Blends

Jayleen RennebergDIY, essential oils, natural living

Citrus essential oils are a favorite! The smell of citrus oils help to pep you up… naturally. For kids noses, citrus essential oils tend to be the most pleasing and are generally safe to diffuse around them. These oils also have germ killing potential and are great to use in your DIY cleaners. Some citrus oils can even be great for … Read More

Why Use A Toner?

Jayleen Rennebergbeauty care, essential oils, natural living

When Rachel and I decided to expand our Face Care Line, one thing we wanted to create was a natural facial toner. Both of us found that most conventional toners out there still contain chemicals or alcohol. Even some of the “toughest skin”, like mine, have never done well with over the counter toners. As always, we were appalled by … Read More

Essential Oils For Allergies

Jayleen Rennebergessential oils, natural living

Snow mold, fresh grass, pollen, flower buds… spring is coming but so are the stuffy noses and ka-choos. Did you know that essential oils can help? Essential oils are great for helping to deal with symptoms caused by allergies. Most people use essential oils to help open up airways and to help neutralize airborne allergens. These are the ones I … Read More

Playoff Hockey Snacks

Jayleen Rennebergnatural living, nutrition

I am definitely one of those traditional Edmonton hockey nerds. It’s an understatement to say I’m pumped we are back in this year. In 2006, my playoff routine involved pub food, beer and then a trip to whyte. Being 11 years older, a bit more responsible and having 2 kids, my playoff routine now involves jersey’s at home, the family … Read More

Surviving Easter

Jayleen Rennebergnatural living, self-development

Easter Survival Plan

I’m getting my game plan together to avoid the sugar hangovers, turkey sweats and the general fatigue from the holidays. I just LOVE my chocolate. I always have, even when I knew it triggered my childhood eczema. And food! When it comes to the holidays, I don’t just like seconds, I like thirds too. So, since I know I’m going to … Read More

Keeping Your Cool

Jayleen Rennebergessential oils, natural living, self-development

Staying calm in chaos

My last few weeks have been filled with tantrums, colds and moodiness. Of course, it’s also a busy time for our business making our house even more chaotic. The last 10 years of my life have been highly focused around health and spirituality. Through good nutrition, movement and reflection, my awareness of how and why I’m feeling the way I … Read More

Black Spruce And Lavender- A Perfect Pair

Jayleen RennebergDIY, essential oils, natural living

I love my oils, as I’m sure you do too. As much as buying blends is simple and nice, sometimes, just having a few oils open the door to so many scent possibilities. Just a few weekends ago, while doing laundry, I knew I wanted something different on my wool dryer balls but I just wasn’t quite sure what. So … Read More

My Number One Beauty Secret

Jayleen Rennebergbeauty care, essential oils, natural living, self-development

I know a lot of inside information when it comes to keeping your body looking youthful. I do agree that eating your greens and keeping your diet largely plant based can keep years off your life. Obviously, I believe in natural beauty care products. In my mind nature knows best. Flowers like calendula and rose have been used for centuries … Read More

A Guide To Natural Remedies

Jayleen Rennebergnatural living, self-development

Natural Remedies- how they work

Being a #realfuckingnatural body care company, we frequently get asked at our booth about all things health. The last few weeks have been full of questions about homeopathy, naturopathy and more. Here’s a quick run down of some natural health alternatives and how they work. Naturopathy Naturopaths are Doctors of Natural Medicine. To become a certified Naturopath in Canada, you … Read More