Black Spruce And Lavender- A Perfect Pair

Jayleen RennebergDIY, essential oils, natural living

I love my oils, as I’m sure you do too. As much as buying blends is simple and nice, sometimes, just having a few oils open the door to so many scent possibilities. Just a few weekends ago, while doing laundry, I knew I wanted something different on my wool dryer balls but I just wasn’t quite sure what. So I snooped through my cabinet and thought I’d give lavender and black spruce a try and I was blown away.

I do like the smell of lavender, but it’s not always my favorite. There are also a ton of different lavender’s available. Most people view lavender as a relaxing oil, but some of the lavender’s out there have properties that are actually stimulating. Our french lavender is pretty low in it’s camphor content giving it a smoother smell and more of a relaxing quality. Lavender, to me, is always better when it’s blended another essential oil (or two). I love the smell of lavender when it’s mixed with neroli and sandalwood like our sweet dreams blend. I also like the way it balances out deep scents like patchouli (try our hippie blend).  Whether or not you are a fan of lavender, it’s hard to dispute how amazing it it. Lavender has been shown to reduce pain, help treat burns, improve the skin, relieve symptoms of anxiety, have anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties and even help with lice and bed bugs! 

Black spruce has been my favorite evergreen oil that we’ve brought in from the first sniff. It really smells like taking a deep breath in the middle of the Canadian woods. It’s fresh and earthy and a touch sweet. Historically, this oil has been used to help with chest congestion, coughs, colds and other respiratory conditions. It’s also been used topically to help with lethargy and muscle pain. It also contains anti-viral and anti-microbial properties which is why I chose to pair it with lavender for my laundry. Together these two pack a punch!

Since trying it out on my laundry, I have since used this combination on my new lava stone diffuser necklace by sentimental gems. The grounding, refreshing and relaxing scent has kept me pretty positive at home even through a tough week. It also is great in my shower dropped down the drain and dropped onto my reading/work throw blanket.

Moving into spring colds and allergies, keeping these two oils at hand to use separately or together can help with so many things! Diffusing it through the house can help with chest congestion, lethargy, stress, and even allergies. Try it out and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.


Note: Caution should be taken with black spruce while pregnant.