You requested it! Now it’s here!

Pure Essentials Inc. Ambassador program is for individuals who love natural skincare and essential oils. People that are real, and love to share what they love with those round them. This program is for those that are passionate, loving and want only the best for the people in heir lives. People that believe that using natural products should be accessible to everyone.

Now you can earn money while doing what you already do! Either share your custom link/custom discount code with your friends or followers, and members earn a commission based on their category. To view the perks and commission, please visit the Ambassador TOS.

Ambassador Program FAQ:

1.) Can anyone be an ambassador?
Yes, but you will require to do a one on one to meet Kerri before confirming if there is a right fit for both parties.

2.) Do we get discounts on purchases if we are an ambassador?
Of course! The details of this are all outlined within the TOS.

3.) Will ambassadors receive free products?
Yes, from time to time, depending on your involvement, this is also outlined in the TOS.

Next steps:

Fill out the registration form; you will have access to the login once you have complete the one-on-one and are approved. To be approved book your one on one with Rachel using Contact, once the meeting has been completed, and if both parties feel there is a right fit, you will be able to access your login account.


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