3 Tips To Beat The Stress of CoVid19


beating the Stress of CoVid19

My top 3 tips to beat the stress of CoVid19

So how about that CoVid19?? Is anyone else feeling the pressure and fear of the world right now? If I hear the phrase “unprecedented” time again I may lose my cool. I have stopped watching the news, uninstalled Facebook from my phone and am very picky about the information I allow into my life right now. But it isn’t because I do not want to be educated, or know what is going on. I just cannot allow the fear and the craziness of what is going on to suck me into the a dark pit of despair. I am no stranger to that pit but I prefer not to dive into it head first.

Currently all of my craft shows through until the end of August have been cancelled and there is a giant question mark over all of my fall shows. I am trying to teach my six year old to read and write in French, run my business and keep the family fed. On top of all of this Facebook has blocked my business account from advertising so I am no longer able to promote my account.

But do we not all have our own pile of poop we are dealing with in our own ways? I heard a really good quote yesterday that said “In this together, but differently!” I am really feeling that. We all have our own stresses right now but they just may look different.

My top three ways to deal with the stress of our current situation:

  1. Meditation: Most mornings I start my day with a 5-10 minutes of a meditation. I simply breathe in and say “I love myself” and breathe out any of the garbage or anxiety I feel. I especially love to do this meditation to Yaima’s song The Sacred!
  2. Exercise: I was already in the habit of doing 30-60 minutes of exercise about 4-6 times a week prior to the “Sickness” but I feel that now more than ever its important for my mental health. There are tons of great YouTube videos you can do for free and many Yoga studios are offering some free classes. But even just getting out for a walk around the block to soak up a little vitamin D and move the body is a great option.
  3. Essential Oils: Of course the oils lady uses oils. But did you know that our sense of smell is the only sense that bi passes the brains processing center and immediately influences mood and chemicals produced. My favorite is to mix a couple drops of lime and ho wood together. The lime is uplifting and improves mood, where the ho wood helps calm the body and relax the nervous system. Trust me this blend will change your life!

Not everyone is going through the same thing and not everyone will deal with stress the same either. If you feel better lounging around reading all day, or playing video games, then you do you. There is really no right or wrong way to deal with our emotions right now. But please make sure you are reaching out to friends family or community services if you are not coping well.

Stay Safe and Sane,