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All I see around me are sniffles, sneezes and snot! It’s that time of year again where the colds come out with a vengeance. As much as I am always inclined to reach for a tylenol cough and cold or ny-quill product, my health training has slowly taught me to try a different approach. Sure, these standard over the counter medicines can help to tame symptoms and let you sleep through the night (which is very important), but they don’t actually help your body get better. These medications were designed to alleviate symptoms, which at times can be necessary, but they also come with a bit of a price. Many of these formulations contain compounds that can have a negative effect on your gut health and many also contain artificial colors and flavors which are not easy for the body to handle either. So, these days, when I get sick I reach for these more natural products and supplements first, to help support my body in fighting off what I have contracted.

Sinusalia by Boiron:

This is a homeopathic medicine that is used for congestion and sinus pain due to inflammation. Homeopathics are funny and will work amazing if you symptoms match up perfectly but may not work at all if the symptoms do not. If you have a runny nose, this might not be the best option, but if you are having trouble breathing due to congestions, you symptoms may get better almost instantly. The great thing about homepathics is that it is basically a plant vibration that is captured making it safe for kids too. This one is for kids 4+ and adults too. The actual homeopathic species in this blend are belladonna, sanguinaria and spigelia anthelmia. If you want to know a bit more about the medical ingredients in this homeopathic, check out this source.

Elderberry Syrup by Feel Good Syrup:

This is, for sure, a family favorite. Elderberry syrup is sweet and syrupy and is amazing to help assist and strengthen your immune system. You can take a little bit of syrup every day to prevent a cold or take about 1 Tbsp daily when you are sick to speed up the recovery process. Elderberry, unlike other medicines, has a cumulative effect in the body, meaning that if you take elderberry regularly, when you get sick and increase your dose, the elderberry will work even better in the body. I really like the Feel Good Syrup brand for a few reasons. She is right in our area (St.Albert), hers blend takes amazing, she has an added benefit from clove, cinnamon, ginger and raw honey AND she is a super awesome lady. You can find her syrup at optimum health, ripple effect wellness clinic and other supplement stores in our area.

Immune Strength by Harmonic Arts:

This tincture includes herbs, mushrooms and roots to help support the body when sick. Tinctures are made by steeping these plants into a highly concentrated tea and then combining that tea with alcohol and further reducing the blend for potency and preservation. When you do take a tincture, you only mix about 20-30 drop of it with a glass of water. In general, tinctures don’t taste amazing, but wow can they work wonders! They also last a long time since they are so heavily concentrated. Harmonic arts is a BC based company that does loads of amazing things. Their teas, tinctures herbs and botanicals are all either wildcrafted or organic and a lot of thought goes into the creation of each of their blends. I love the fact that this tincture includes reishi mushrooms as those will have the same cumulative effect that elderberry does in the system. Some of the other herbs in this blend are echinacea, rosehips and licorice.

Colloidal Silver:

Silver is a slightly controversial supplement. Silver itself is extremely antibacterial and anti-microbial. Some suggest this is why babies were given silver spoons. I do like using silver when I’m sick. I have found that is can definitely help to speed up the recovery process and I do believe it is safe when used occasionally in the recommended proportions. I actually like to put a little bit up my nose when I am super sneezy or congested and usually fell a lot of improvement compared to when I don’t. We have also successfully used silver to help treat a puss filled eye and other fighting wounds on our adopted outdoor acreage cat. If you don’t know much about it, I would highly recommend doing some research on your own to see if using colloidial silver resonates with you.

Citrus Soother, Cold And Flu: Prairie Naturals

I just love this powder. It’s always so nice to have a warm drink when you are sick. Prairie naturals is also a BC company that has a ton of great natural products. This drink is full of zinc, ginger, echinacea, elderberry, vitamin d, vitamin c and lemon balm. I love the addition of lemon balm as it is great to help to calm nerves and is great for assisting the body with sleep. It may cause a bit of drowsiness so it is recommended to use with caution if you are to be doing any tasks (like driving) that require mental alertness. I really don’t know what else I would add to this blend to make it better. The formulation is also gluten free and GMO free.

Natural medicine doesn’t think we should kill bacteria and viruses. Natural medicine is more about finding ways to enhance and spark our immunes system because our body knows innately how to fight off illness. We have a lot of good bacteria in our tummy’s and the less we interfere, the more we give our bodies a chance to find their own balance that promotes health and vitality. I have tried a lot of natural health remedies and these are ones that I find have the least amount of funky additives while still being really effective. Most of them are also safe to use with my kids in low doses which also makes me a happy mom.

Every person is different, so if these ones don’t work for you, don’t give up on natural. Check out some other products that are available at your local health stores because I’m sure there is something out there that will be great for you! The common cold should not last for more than 10 days. If your cold is going on for a longer period of time or your symptoms are quite aggressive, please go seek out professional medical advice by calling health link or visiting your doctor.

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