Save The Dandelion

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natural uses for dandelion

I’ve Grown A New Love For Dandelions When I was a child, I was like every little girl around. The dandelions came out and those little yellow flowers were like little sprouts of gold. I used to pick them to give to everyone I loved and when I got older I used to braid them together to make my own … Read More

Lifting Each Other Up


Complimenting people for a better life

When we were in Saskatoon 2 months ago for the Body, Soul & Spirit Expo, I decided to play a YouTube video as we were getting ready for day 2 of our show. The video, recommended by my cousin, was of a dude that conveys spiritual teachings that he has learned on his own life path. I can’t even remember … Read More

What No One Told Me About Raising Boys


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Being a parent is easily one of the most amazing, joyous, loving experiences in the world! When I first laid eyes on my oldest boy, I felt like I had known him my entire life. It was just like “Hey I remember you, glad to see you again! Just so you know I am going to protect you with a fierce bear … Read More

Sitting With My Power


inner strength and power

Energy is super intense these days. Talk to older Yogi’s and Energy Workers and everyone agrees that energetic time is speeding up. Manifestation happens quickly and so does spiritual growth. It seems as soon as you decide that you’re interested in developing some sort of a spiritual practice, you shoot down the rabbit hole, there’s not much time to just … Read More

Letting Go Of Guilt On The Road To Success


Finding success

Like many of you, I was taught that the only way to get ahead in life, to be successful, was to work my ass off so hard that by the end of my life my body, soul and mind would be a giant pile of mush! Ok well I wasn’t exactly told the mush part but it sure is implied when … Read More

Healing Message for the Spring Solstice:

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Card Reading

I was guided last night to write this week’s blog using the Intuitive Reiki Readings I am being drawn to. What is this you may ask? Well Reiki is like a Radio channel I use to tune into messages from spirit guides, loved ones on the other side and God/The Divine/Universe. I was very drawn to connect with the collective consciousness of our … Read More

I Broke My New Year’s Resolution

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New Year's Resolutions

I while back I wrote a blog about my like/ dislike relationship with new year’s resolutions (love/ hate is just too strong of a term for resolutions). This year my approach was different. Instead of setting a year’s resolution, I decided to set monthly resolutions all centered around the topic of spiritual development. Each month, I was to decide on a practice … Read More

Staying Grounded

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Energetically grounding against psychic attacks and emf's

A few weekends ago, as some of you might know, Rachel and I were part of The Health Shows in Calgary. We always have fun at shows looking around at the booths, meeting other vendors and being surrounded by like-minded, small business entrepreneurs. This show was totally awesome for that. Not only did we get a sweet deal on coconut … Read More