Soul – Coordinator, Rachel Blacklaws,
BBA and Reiki Level II


Who Am I? My least favorite question to answer…

My name is Rachel Blacklaws. I am part owner of Pure Living Enthusiast and the witchy mixer of Pure Essentials. People probably describe me in a lot of different ways, I like to think I am fairly happy, mostly motivated, a pretty rad mom who yells and drops F-bombs. I also have a BBA and I am a level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Most recently I completed a 6 day training with the uber fabulous Ger Lyons and his wonderful crew of healers and mediums.

When we founded Pure Living in 2014, it was based on a mutual love and passion for healthy, happy hearts and bodies. I am blessed everyday to be able to do what I love to do and live with a purpose; to share natural body care and the earth’s wisdom. Most times I sit back and wonder how I ended up doing this as it was most certainly never my plan. In fact, I pushed against growing the body care line a ton for the first year. But when I finally surrendered to what the universe had in store for me and let go of my expectations, things took off.

Aside from creating and sharing natural care and essential oils with people, I also love to share the gift of intuitive reiki with others. Reiki was a life changer for me! It allowed me the space and balance I needed to heal old wounds, and release the guilt and shame I had been carrying around for years due to a lifetime of abuse.  Reiki has allowed my own personal growth to be a huge part of my life. My business with Jay has also helped me to grow and find my way back to myself.

Most recently I started creating again! I always loved to draw, and craft.  Along with my wonderful friend, Bailey, I have started a line of silk screened clothing called Happy Hippie Nerd Co. I am actually able to share some of my art on clothing which is such a thrill for me.

I have realized my purpose is to create as much as possible, with all the love and emotion I have, and share that with the world. Each and every client I serve, lotion, shirt or art piece I create has all of me in it. I am able to infuse the love I feel everyday into each thing I touch and I am forever grateful I am able to share that with you. In my intuitive reiki coaching sessions I aim to help you find what it is that truly sets your heart on fire and break free of the obstacles that stop you from going after that dream.

If you’d like to contact me about my services, or about Happy Hippie Nerd Co, you can contact me directly at