Meet: Rachel Mayor

As health and spiritual practitioners, we understand that there is much more to health than eating your greens. Knowing that we absorb approximately 60% of what is put on the skin, your beauty care products are extremely relevant in improving or maintaining optimum health and wellbeing. If you are trying to increase your energy, improve spiritual connections or loose weight, switching to natural products can help you on your journey. Stress reduction is also a big piece of the puzzle which is why we have created an extensive essential oil line for you to enjoy.

We spend hours of time researching all of our oils, botanicals and essential oils to ensure that they are as clean as possible. Most of the time, we choose organic, but other times we have found higher quality oils grown in countries with ethical and sustainable farming practices. Once the research has been done, the blending begins. After months of different formulations and trial periods, our eco-conscious natural products are available for you to bring into your home.

We began our journey coaching others how to live as purely and as organically as possible through Do-It-Yourself workshops. Once people tried our DIY samples, they pushed us to sell our product. Within a year, our products had grown from 3 products to 15 and we were wholesaling in local boutique stores. Now we stock over 75 essential oils, have over 15 artisan essential oil blends and over 25 natural beauty care products.

The heart of our business has always been about honesty, integrity and access to products that improve our health instead of products that interfere with our health. We continue to coach on how we embrace natural and organic living and provide relevant and useful tips through our blogs. Sign up for our newsletter for access to these, and don¹t forget to follow us on Facebook.

We aren't perfect by any means, but we have found ways to be vibrant and happy and it comes down to taking care of your body and soul. Through our services, we will help you learn about you. Once we know about you, and you know about you, we can grow together.

Our services include private training, yoga, meditation, meal planning, manifestation and reiki. Check our the coaching tab for more details.